Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick review 

It was my birthday last week! Hurray! And I was treated like a queen by my wonderful husband and son and I also got so much new makeup! So much that it’s a week on and I’ve only tried half of it! I’m beyond excited as it’s been a while since I’ve been able to have a good makeup haul!

Amongst other things I received my first Kat Von d lipsticks. These arnt something you find easily in the UK. Which is hugely disappointing as I want to try all of the products! So with a little help from a very kind friend in America I was able to finally get my little mitts on some products that really make my heart pound. What draws me to the Kat Von d makeup line is several things, I love the variety in unusual colours. Colours you can’t get anywhere else. Colours that when you see someone wearing them, you know exactly what they are. That is a huge deal to me,because why would I pay for a colour I can get in several different brands? The packaging she uses is dark, different and edgy. The contrast from the sleek and girly packaging we normally experience is something that immediately draws your attention to the products. I love a bit of spooky and the names and style really float my boat. I am drawn to makeup that has heart and isn’t afraid to say no to conformity, and this line does it so well!

The delite I felt when I first held these lipsticks was immense. Even the boxes are a work of art. Black and extremely glossy with raised studded, squares. They feel smooth and the light bounces off them at different angles.  The silver Kat Von d logo is printed across the front in a beautiful way that compliments the packaging. The logos on top of the boxes are extremely cute. The actual sticker is the colour of your lipstick inside, which is amazing! You can glance at the boxes and know what you are picking. And if you are like me and need glasses but don’t always have them on when doing your face then you will really appreciate this feature!

The tubes themself are tall cylinders, they feel very weighty and nothing like average lipsticks. I’m going to be perfectly honest and admit I think they look like something Christian grey would keep in his red room. I’m not sure why that is but that’s the facts! I do love them, they are so different and quirky. They stand out amongst the standard and that’s a great thing. They are covered in pointed square studs and feel pretty amazing to hold. They have the KVD crest imprinted into the flat top of the cylinder. My only issue with the packaging is that when you go to open them it can sometimes be difficult to see the line that seperates the two pieces, and that makes it hard to see where it will open. It’s a small thing but I like to be very honest and thorough when it comes to reviews. It annoys me so it might annoy you too! The lipsticks inside do look stunning with the KVD crest stamped onto the top. It made it very hard for me to swatch them as they looked so perfect! It felt like I was destroying a little piece of art.

Nothing about these lipsticks say cheap, lazy or boring. You can tell they really thought about the product and the Kat Von d style when designing this range. From the names to the colours it just screams kvd. And I love it!

This is a show stopping colour. I’m not afraid of many lipstick shades, I love bright and dark, pastel and neon. Not much phases me, so when I saw poe with it’s unique glittery navy blue shade I pretty much fell head over heals. It is so unique I just had to have it! It reminds me of a deep night sky with twinkling stars. It’s not a colour for the faint hearted that’s for sure. I know it’s not a colour that will appeal to everyone, but I honestly think its beautiful and when I wear it I feel like a mermaid rockstar!

Because this lipstick contains glitter it does have quite a unusual texture. It’s slightly gritty and bitty but it’s not unpleasant. You can really feel the glitter and it just feels a little weird is all. If you have issues with textures that are bitty than I would probably suggest that this lipstick isn’t for you. The colour is so stunning that I feel like it’s worth putting up with the texture. It applys well and doesn’t bleed too much which is awesome when you are working with a darker shade.  Those are the shades that normally stain and they are difficult to rub out if you make a mistake. I was surprised that it doesn’t feel drying at all, in fact it feels very glossy and moisturising.

I was pleasently surprised with how long lasting this lipstick is. I applied it, had a snack and sorted out some writing and checked the mirror and it was all still intact! Even without me realising! I’ve noticed with darker shades they tend to fade very quickly, especially in the middle of my lips but this worked lovely! When it did come to remove it I was glad to see that it didn’t actually stain my lips at all. I half expected to have blue lips forever but it didn’t happen.

I want to compare this to some other shades but it’s just not possible. I thought I would be clever and compare it to MAC cyber but they are pretty much day and night! So I’m very sorry that I can’t compare it to anything, it’s just so different to anything I’ve ever owned!

This lipstick lived up to my expectations and now I’m glad I own this navy beauty!

As far as shade diversity goes coven is the complete opposite end of the spectrum from poe. Where poe is dark and bold, coven is delicate and pretty. I was stuck between these two shades and could only chose one, so the lovely friend from America sent this one too to surprise me for my birthday. It was a huge surprise and I was so touched! This colour is the sweet lilac shade I’ve dreamed of. I’ve been searching for it and this is it. If she was a girl she would be a gentle hippy with long golden hair.

This is a very dry lipstick. Some lipsticks are moisturising and some are not. This one is not. It’s not a bad thing as it is a matte lipstick so it’s expected and I have certainly felt drier formulas. When you first apply it it can be a little patchy to work with but once you get a good knack of working with it, it works out great. You’ve got to apply a few layers and  it needs to be a little thicker than you normally would. I have found that applying it with a lip brush helps massively, it can be softened on the brush or the back of your hand and that makes it awesome. It also helps to have a good lip primer beneath it and to make sure your lips are nicely exfoliated. All this being said it’s not a horrible formula, it’s better than most infact. It just has a few little challenges that you need to be a aware of. But it is a light shade and a matte one at that, so really it’s expected.

This doesn’t last as long poe, but once it’s on it does have fairly good staying power. It’s not a ground breaker but it can hold it’s own. It lasts longer on the lips than a MAC lipstick but probably less than a nars lipstick. Which in my book is good! I’m happy with that. Could it be better? Of course but it could be so much worse. When this one starts to fade it starts in the middle and you are left with a ring around your lips if you don’t touch it up quick enough.

As with poe I don’t have anything else to really compare it to colour wise. I’ve been searching for this shade for a very long time and the closest I’ve gotten is Barry Ms lilac. Which when compared are extremely different. It’s so pretty and soft, it’s very individual which is a running theme with kvd lipsticks it seems.

Overall I’m extremely happy to have my hands on these lipsticks. I wasn’t sure what to expect and what I got has made me very happy, and passionate to create new looks featuring these unique shades. As soon as I can I will be purchasing more for sure as these really have given me a hunger for new crazy and individual colours. The quality is fabulous and I will be recommending these to anyone who will listen! I’m so glad I got two shades so different not just  from eachother but from anything else I own.  They are a awesome addition to my collection!

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