Quick review of the little Cornish soap company 

I’ve been away again, this is a super busy time for me and my little family. With my birthday, my toddlers birthday, Easter, a mini break to Cornwall and being unwell it’s made me have no time to blog! But one good thing to come out of these busy things is that I got to discover a brand I think I’m going to love.

So a few weeks ago my husband decided at last minute to whisk me and our toddler to Cornwall for a few nights. I jumped at the chance to see the sea and we went down to his parents caravan in st.austel. Whilst there we visited the beautiful and picturesque seaside village of mevagissy. During this visit I didn’t expect to find any thing for this blog but somehow I managed it! 

Nestled in between seaside shops and gallery’s on the windy cobbled streets I came across the Little Cornish soap company. I’m not sure if I should call this a indie company, but that’s how I see it. A indie version of lush. The quaint  and sweet interior compliment the sleepy Cornish setting and it seems to fit right in with the seaside.

As you walk in the air is filled with a variety of beautiful and dreamy scents, the displays are colourful and there is so much to look at. I was particularly taken with the giant loofahs! 

I filled up my basket extremely quickly and had a huge selection to chose from. The staff were extremely helpful and what I love the most is that they weren’t at all pushy. I never felt obligated to buy anything, which is often the case in these kinds of seaside stores. The friendliness of the staff is something that has made me want to go back again as soon we get back to Cornwall. I had the loveliest chat with the gentlemen behind the counter, he explained a little about the company, he recommended things to us, he chatted about where we were from and he made me feel comfortable. That is a great sign of a great company.  

I wanted to buy everything and their selection was exceptional. From Toners to moisturisers to bath salts to tummy rub. They had something for everyone and it’s all natural. Now the basket I filled up, became my birthday present from my husband. It’s not been my birthday yet so I cannot yet rate all of the products I bought but there was one product I tested in the store that I adored so much, my husband let me have it early.

The lavender and hemp balm is my idea of a little pot of heaven. I immediately fell in love with it. Most balms I’ve tried have been slimey but this is the most lovely and unusual texture I’ve found yet.  It starts off almost solid, you have to take a peice, it feels like solid, crumbly sand. But then magic happens. It melts instantly before your eyes! You only need a teeny tiny bit as it really does go a long long way!

The smell is so beautiful I adore it. It’s extremely relaxing and I have started  using it just before bed. The texture once it melts is beautiful, it’s not too greasy or oily, nor is it sticky or runny. It’s the perfect mix and I truly love it. I know this is a product I will without a doubt be rebuying the second I start to get low. Which won’t take long with the amount I’m using! 

I cannot reccomend this product enough, and I have a feeling this is going to be the start of my beautiful relationship for me. A knew brand that I love and I’m so excited to try out the rest of my haul and review it! And if you are down in mevagissy, I hope you take a visit to the little Cornish soap company. You won’t regret it!

Like what you read and want to read more? Than please come and visit me over at my instagram or YouTube channel! And if you would like to see more from the little Cornish soap company you can follow them here!


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