Happy Birthday HWAHP!

Hurray!!!! Today I have been alerted to the fact that I have had this blog for one whole year! If you know me then you know this is a huge freaking deal for me. I constantly start new projects or Hobbies and let them fade away after a month or two. I’ve got paint sets, knitting needles and poems all collecting dust in the spare room. I am a utter nightmare for it. So I am going to be honest, I’m proud of myself! 

So this blog started after I took a shining to makeup. I was learning fast and had a steadily growing collection. I tend to not mention it too much on here but I have a chronic pain condition that makes my life incredibly limited. If I leave the house it’s in a wheel chair and I get  incredibly bored and frustrated. So I started doing makeup and I found it incredibly freeing. It was something I had control over and could be who ever I wanted to be that day. My photography business just closed from getting too sick and I needed something new to occupy my time, and that’s how this blog was born.  It was meant to be a window into my life and dealing with being a mother and being sick. I never knew it would end up just makeup pretty much!

Every week I got better at it and started to understand what I was doing more and more. I was gaining confidence in my real life from it and I felt like people were looking at me as a young lady and not the chair. It was incredibly uplifting to me. I met a online community who lifted my spirits and helped me get better at makeup. They introduced me to new brands and new techniques. Behind the scenes I was getting worse with my illness. I try to practise every single day but my illness wasn’t letting me. I took a break from the blog and I missed it massively. 

I came back determined to make it a better place to be and more informative. I wanted to do very detailed posts reviewing makeup and not just say good or bad. I was feeling more determined than ever to get better so I used this new found drive to do what I wanted and be who I wanted. I started to dye my hair and get more creative. I wanted the colour. I craved it. 

And here we are one year later. I’m finally starting to actually like my looks I produce. I am making detailed reviews on products and I’m starting to get a handle on my pain. I am literally gobsmacked with the amount of followers I have today. And I have received the nicest compliments about my blog and that honestly means the world to me. I love doing it and I’m not going away!  I would love it if this time next year I see the same amount of improvement in what I do, how I write  and how my health is. 

You guys are awesome and I can’t thank you enough! I love you from the bottom of my heart! 


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday HWAHP!

      1. Yes!! You should! How inspirational you are :] If you haven’t read my first post, I would love for you too. I can relate to not leaving the house and feeling so trapped! And makeup, fashion, all that girly stuff was truly freeing, as you stated :] This is just absolutely great ❤

      1. The Lovely Award. 🙂
        I can’t link my blog via my cell but you can find it on SASS-A-FR-ASS and it’s my pleasure!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Wow! love your blog, just came across it, and I am so impressed! i just started mine today and hope I can get mine looking as good as yours 🙂 CONGRATS

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