Bobbi brown flame and nars lana-yay or nay?


I am lucky enough to have a husband who is patient and caring. He understands that on the days where I’m feeling well I want to be out in the world as those days are few and far between. He also understands that I need new makeup to keep my makeup demons at bay. So why not combine the need to explore with the buying of makeup? So he took me to the bullring in Birmingham. It’s about a hour and a half away, which is a long way for me but I did it for makeup! We initially went straight to my favorite store, which is mac, but I was shocked and disgusted to find it filthy dirty and full of people that weren’t staff. It seemed frustrating enough but when you add a wheelchair into the mix it was pretty much impossible. So we left. I was quite annoyed as I didn’t get the bright red blush I had been aching for. So my husband told me to cheer up and try again, and I did. I ended up buying some products that were so different to my normal things. It was great! So thanks mac! You were awful which made my time awesome!

I can’t explain why I have never bought a bobbi brown product. It’s not that I don’t think they do good products, it’s more that they don’t appeal to me as much as other company’s do. Their colours have always seemed more bland to me and not my style. I love bright daring shades and they seemed to do products that were geared more towards neutral palettes. But my husband told me to look and see if anything caught my eye, maybe they had something I would love. That store was the cleanest, shiniest and most proper looking store I’ve ever been into. I felt massively out of place in my 80s dress and blue hair. Everyone was so perfect looking it was almost like being in a shiney white and black room full of perfectly dressed mannequins. Like a lot of the nicer makeup stores, they have tall counters to display their makeup, this is something that a wheelchair user can’t exactly use so I had to use my cane. I’m sure they would have brought makeup down to me but I was already feeling so alien in there I didn’t want to put anymore attention on myself. As I thought the colours weren’t for me. They weren’t exciting enough or different enough. It’s the same issue I have with Charlotte tilbury, clinique and tom ford. Why go to them when they all have variations of the same shade. Just clones of eachother. I’m sure a lot of you will disagree but that’s just how I feel when I look at their lipsticks and see rows of pinks, browns and reds. And this is coming from someone who has 8 different mlbb shades that are all a tiny bit different!

We were just about to leave when I saw it. Like a bright red beacon in a sea of  bland. It was beautiful. Their blush in flame is bright, fun and definately not understated. I had to swatch it as if it actually came out as bright as it looked then we would be in business. I was so impressed with how it swatched I basically squeeled in the store. The member of staff rang it up and I escaped out of there, feeling like I had just found the holy grail.

The blush comes in a square black, glossy box.  It is incredibly sleek looking and it has simple writing across the front that says “Bobbi Brown”. It looks great and feels expensive. Getting it out of the box it appears to me that it is much smaller in size to other blushes I have purchased. For example mac blushes weigh 6grams but bobbi browns weigh 3.7grams, that’s nearly half the product for more money. Mac blushes cost £18 compared to bobbi brown which is £19. I know a pound difference doesn’t seem much but when you think about the size difference then it becomes a big deal.  The actual blush comes in a sleek gloss black case that has a window to see the blush. It looks super expensive and I actually love how it looks on my vanity. The case can be a tiny bit stiff to open which has made me really nervous of me forcing it open and the blush flying out and smashing. I’m hoping that it will ease up over time. 

The first time I swatched this blush in that shiney shop it completely blew my mind. The pigmentation is so incredible I can’t even find the words to describe it. It is almost too pigmented. The first time I put it on my face I had to change my look from normal day wear to dramatic editorial look. It wasn’t a red blush it was red face paint. I had to learn that you need to use such a teeny tiny amount for this to work. You need to dip your brush in super  gently, blow on the brush, shake the brush and then gently try to apply! It’s crazy how bright this stuff is! I also need to mention that the fallout from this product is awful.  It isn’t the average fallout where it’s like a sprinkling of snow on Christmas Day, this is a complete blizzard. This is a disaster as it costs more, you have less product and it’s so pretty that I don’t want to waste all of that product every time I use it.  I think this is the thing I like least about this product. It is just frustrating as I think waste of products is wrong. We should never waste makeup, especially this blush. I find it is a effort to blend, it’s almost thick on the skin, and where you try to put such little product it tends to not blend out. When I did my crazy look it blended so beautifully but the shade was super bright, so it’s hard to find a middle ground with it. I really want to try a few different shades now, and this blush has really opened my eyes to how great bobbi brown products actually are. It has made me want to try all the other brands I have thought are boring. I will try to be less judgemental of brands that don’t have the colour palette I usually enjoy from now on for sure.

I am no stranger to makeup and their stores but nars is a store I’ve only been to once. The one product I have blew my socks off (Persia eyeshadow) so I knew going there was a must. My experience with nars this time was similar to last time. Exhausting. It’s not like mac which was dirty and chaotic, it’s more like a quiet, confident craziness. You have to wait to grab a space to look at the makeup, if you don’t get In there quick enough then it’s tough luck. It took me a wee while to get a space and even then I was being hustled and bustled all over the place. The staff are all young, trendy girls who make you feel like you are in school again. You are wearing a nirvana shirt and thick glasses and they are outstandingly fabulous in a miniskirt and jumper, clueless style, with a football star on their arms. They will never ever look at you. And they don’t, and you have to wave your arms and shout excuse me 40 times before one even raises a eyebrow at you. The highlight of my whole trip was as I was being rang up for my product my wonderful husband shouted “how much?” When the cost for one lipstick pinged up on the till. He’s still in shock today!

I had heard a lot of hype about their matte lip pencils and I wanted to find one that I loved, I  didn’t want to just grab and run, I wanted to really think about what I had in my collection and what would work with my skin tone. I had in my head a mixture between orange and red, that was bright and loud or a gentle peachy orange shade, the perfect colour for spring. But as I swatched those pencils, nothing appealed to me. I was getting annoyed as I knew what I wanted in  my head but couldn’t find it. That is when I found their audacious lipsticks. The colours were all bright and almost edible. I had so many to chose from and what sold me in the end was 2 things. Firstly it is the exact shade I was after, bright orange red. And secondly the name- lana. Me and my husband are huge archer fans and we spent a lot of the day from then on quoting archer. I am in the danger zone. 


I was already prepared for sleek looking packaging, I already have a nars shadow so I know the drill that it will be awesome. But I wasn’t  prepared for how awesome the packaging is. It is so much better than the shadow packaging. The lipstick comes in a black cardboard box that has a matte finish, it has nars written down the side in gloss which looks really great. The contrast just works well for me. It has double packaging, so when you take the lipstick out of it’s box it has another mini box around it. I think this is done to make sure the lipstick doesn’t rattle around but it could just be to make the packaging seem more expensive, after all they could just use smaller boxes. The lipstick is a black, metal rectangle with rounded edges. It has a matte finish that attracts finger prints like a forensic investigator. It feels weighty which is nice, and the metal case is a nice change to the usual plastic cases, which does make it feel more expensive.  The first thing I noticed when pulling it open is that there are magnets on the lid. It stops the lid from coming off when it’s not supposed to, for example in your handbag. Anyone who has reached into their handbag for a granny herbal and pulled out a hand covered in smushed purple lipstick will appreciate this feature. Rip my mac smoked purple. 

When you twist up the lipstick you are greated by the word nars etched right into the lipstick. I think this looks so great ,I almost don’t want to use it because it looks so pretty! All in all this is the favorite packaging I’ve ever encountered. It’s sleek and stylish. It’s practical and they’ve really thought about the customer. There is not one bad point for me, it looks great on my vanity and I cannot wait to have more. 

I had super high hopes for how this lipstick would preform from the packaging. I know that sounds strange but it all seemed so well put  together you would  think they want to get things perfect. When I was swatching the audacious lipsticks I had 3 or 4 orange reds to choose from, in the end I went for what worked best against my nc15 skin. I’m guilty of buying in a rush because I love the shade and not thinking it through. I love the way super loud colours look agaisnt pail skin so this one felt like me. The first time I tried it on at home I did it without using a base or lip liner. It was more a excited rough try because I couldn’t contain myself.  The formula is silky and light. It didn’t make my lips feel dry or tight. I expected without liner I would have some feathering or smudging, but the feathering was so minimal I thought about not even mentioning it. And there was some smudging  straight after I applied it but it seemed to almost set and I had no more. My husband called me down to dinner, I ate, drank several drinks,smooched him and went and checked and except for a tiny dab in the middle it was still great. This is massively impressive to me and I’ve never had a lipstick that has such great staying power. Not only did it stay on it also stayed bright and vibrant! And my husband didn’t get too much on him from smooching! It’s just awesome! They do cost £24 each which is a lot compared to what I usually pay, for example mac is £16 But they do feel worth that amount, they feel so much more extravagant. When I removed it I did get a lot of staining, which meant I had to use a red the next day but it wasn’t too awful, I’m sure the lighter colours won’t do this. I’m desperate to try another shade but I feel like if I ask my husband for one of them he might have a heart attack! So I will wait a while!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post this week, I really enjoyed reviewing these products! If you would like to see more looks from me you can always follow my Insta and of you want to see more reviews then I do have a YouTube channel! I hope you have a awesome weekend!


6 thoughts on “Bobbi brown flame and nars lana-yay or nay?

  1. Wow, that Bobbi Brown blusher looks amazing and it really suits you too! As does the Nars lipstick! I love wearing bright eyeshadow but I’m not as brave as you when it comes to bright blushers and lipsticks (although I do have several red lipsticks but still haven’t found the right shade for my skin tone).

    As you like your brights/something a little different, have you tried brands such as Lime Crime or Sugarpill? They’re great brands with some pretty out-there shades.

  2. I just bought the Nars Lana lipstick, too! I’ve never liked the orange lipstick trend (I’ll wear just about any other shade) but for some reason that one just spoke to me. I’m loving it!

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