MAC toledo lipsticks 

So when I saw the MAC toledo line I got super excited. I’ve been a little put off with MACs limited lines lately, mainly the way we have to frantically scramble to get hold of them. The amount they put out you would think they were exclusive concert tickets not lipsticks. So with memories of the rocky horror, Simpsons and osbourne lines fresh in my mind I didn’t give much hope of getting anything from this lovely line. But the products looked so great I decided I would try. I loved how much better the packaging looked and the colours were so different to their normal range. You see I think a lot of their limited range is just too similar to fight for. Why get in a tizzy over missing a limited product you can buy a similar shade to normally? And I’ve found their limited packaging to be a little uninspired as of late. But this range is super quirky and cool. 

In the uk we don’t get the limited ranges in stores usually, and we also get such a tiny little supply that it’s actually frustrating. I’ve never gotten something from a limited line. So when I saw the pretty and wacky looking line I had to try, when the date came around I was vigilant. And then all of a sudden it was there. My heart raced and I tried to go as fast as I could. My first stop was the peach blush, which turned out to be £25 and I couldn’t help but think it was too much. So I jumped over to the lipsticks and basically catapulted the barbecue lipstick into my virtual basket. Then I saw oxblood was still in stock, this is the shade people had been going bananas for. It would be rude not to right!? So I ended up nabbing both barbecue and oxblood. That was my budget and I was happy!

So Even though I paid for next day delivery MAC took just shy of a week to deliver my lipsticks, they arnt particularly bothered. It’s one of many reasons why I’ve been falling out of love with MAC lately. I’m the biggest MAC fan girl and I’m super bummed that they arnt impressing me lately. Between the bad service, the limited amount of products and their store being disgusting last week it’s really taken a toll on my love. But anyway they have arrived and I’m pumped.

On first impressions this packaging is outstanding. It’s super sleek and cool, it looks so different and pretty. It certainly is stylish. The box is white with black eyes and noses with red lips, and of course the mac toledo signature. Faces dance all over the box at different angles and if you stack the boxes it makes even more. It is very striking. The box is double packaging and a smaller box slides out from the outside sleeve. The inner box is pure white with the red toledo signature. Inside the inner box is a black and white pattern that would make a awesome feature wallpaper! 

The lipsticks inside are white with a black and red artsy face on the lower part, and the mac toledo signature on the lid. They are just great, really eye catching and so different to anything they’ve put out. I have to say from the way the packaging looks I think this may be my favourite ever limited set. These lipsticks aren’t the usual hard plastic though, they have a almost rubbery velvet finish to them. I have since decided this was a bad move on their part. The white packaging with the rubber finish attracts stains, marks and scratches. I have used them once and they are already filthy looking! I don’t think they will be staying pretty and white for very long. 

Barbecue is a shade that instantly made me drool. It’s a bright red that leans more toward orange.  I saw a lot of actresses on the red carpet of the oscars this year rocking this kind of shade and I needed it. So when this colour popped up I needed it! With a name like barbecue I imagined a dark brown barbecue sauce shade, so  this sort of messes with my brain! Like when you go to drink your cup of tea and it’s actually your toddlers orange juice and it hurts your brain! But  regardless of the name it really is a stunning colour. It’s a great summer shade and it is going to be used massively during the sunny months. It reminds me of if ruby woo and morange had a love child. It’s juicy, bright and fun. 

Wen I applied it I was surprised with how slippery it is, it’s a more watery consistency than normal which meant it bled a lot and smudged like hell. It didn’t stay put on my lips badly bit it wasn’t a record time either. It isn’t patchy on and the colour really is as bright as I dreamed. Over all I’m glad I spent my pennies on this shade, but it isn’t the best formula I’ve had.

The second shade oxblood is completely different to barbecue. It’s a pretty neutral with a matt finish. Now this is the shade I’ve been seeing all over the forums and blogs. People have fallen pretty hard for this shade.  I didn’t really see what the big deal was and had so many similar that it wasn’t something I was dying to get. But when I saw it there on the site I just had see why everyone is so excited.  I heard a lot of chatter about it being the exact same shade as kinda sexy and that there was no reason to get it, but it was a spur of the moment purchase so I thought it would be a good chance to test it against kinda sexy and see how similar it actually is. It is very similar, I can see why it’s been compared but it is certainly not a dupe. Infact I’m shocked about some of the swatches I saw where they were the same, I think maybe they were playing into the hype or something as they really do look different. Oxblood is a lot cooler and more orange than kinda sexy. The formula is also very different, I love kinda sexy and it applies brilliantly and looks awesome but oxblood is horrid. It’s super patchy, it just doesn’t apply nicely at all. It’s super drying and honestly I wasn’t sure how long I could wear it with how drying it was. I’ve not had a chance to try it over a really good primer base but on first try impressions it’s a real horrible formula. It doesn’t bleed like barbecue but it feels very alien on my lips. The colour  is really pretty and I do think it was worth the excitement it’s just massively hard to work with. I will try to use it again though as it really is pretty!

I would love to try the other shades from the toledo set but I doubt that will happen now, especially with the limited amount we get here. If I even get the chance though I will jump at it, mostly for the packaging but also I’m just curious. I want to see if all of the toledo lipsticks have formula issues, it’s almost like they concentrated so hard on getting the packaging perfect, and making sure the colours were different that they rushed or neglected the formula. In all I found that part extremely disappointing. I really do want to love them but I’m not there yet.

Maybe if I work out a good base to wear them over they might work better, but that shouldn’t be something I should have to do. You pay for quality and this time I think I paid for something that will look pretty on my vanity and not my lips. 

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11 thoughts on “MAC toledo lipsticks 

  1. The next time I go to a beauty store I’m gonna ask for these. They look so cute! I am a fan of the design on the lipstick tubes. I also think the colors are playful and good for summer!

    Thanks for the review! 🙂

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