Quick lipstick review

Happy Valentines Day!
Today I was very lucky and my husband ordered me the MAC viva glam Miley Cyrus lipstick and payed for special delivery so I could get it in time for valentines day! He really is a sweetie!
I’m going to be very honest when I first saw this lipstick in the ads I wasn’t impressed. I thought it looked like candy yumyum and I had no need for it In my collection. Then it got released in America and the swatches I saw held my interest. I do adore bright pinks so I thought at least I can love it even if it is a little similar.
Well today it arrived. The packaging is sweet, it’s the the famous black mac packaging with a red shiny Miley signature on it. It does look valentinesy so I was happy! Out of the box it’s just a black bullet lipstick with a red ring around the middle, but once you pull it apart it has a red shiny centre with a Miley signature on it. Almost like it’s a cute surprise candy core.
I applied it so quickly as I was so pumped and I fell in love hard and instantly. I did think it was maybe similar to toying around from the playland collection but after I did some swatches it appears that toying around is much more coral and Kelly and candy yumyum are so much cooler. This is a warm, rich berry pink .
It’s a all season shade which I think will get so much use! I cannot wait to do lots of looks with it!
It is very moisturising and looks quite wet on. I wore it for 2 and a Half hours and it didn’t fade at all until my husband wanted a valentines snog..now he has a pink beard 🙂

So I would completely recommend this shade. It’s stunning and I think most skin tones will be able to rock it! It’s a classic in the making!



12 thoughts on “Quick lipstick review

  1. Great post! I like that you showed comparisons of other MAC lipsticks that you thought were similar in color. It really helps your readers see what they are dealing with. Pretty shade!

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