Quick mascara review!


Now I know I normally to quick lip reviews but today I tried something not just new to me but actually new!

So today I picked up a magazine that had a tester of benefits new mascara that is yet to come out. It is called roller lash and it looks like this:

So the brush is super short on one side and long on the other. You twist as you apply and it hooks into your lashes to extend and curl them
The first time I applied it was a disaster. My lashes were gloopy, straight and ridiculous. I though it was probably just another fad concept from benefit like their push up liner. But I didn’t want it to beat me, I had done my whole look and couldn’t leave the house looking that way! So I removed it and tried again. The second go was much better. You have to be very gentle, slow and twist carefully. It does latch on and you can feel it doing something. I havnt been able to make them not look clumpy yet but I do have high hopes. I couldn’t get them to curl at all though and had to curl them myself.
I think If I had shorter, thinner lashes this would be great but it isn’t easy on my lashes. It takes a while and the results remind me of a drug store mascara tbh. I will keep persevering as I think it has potential but for the price it should be simple!


So in all I think I would reccomend it on first impressions, but only on short lashes!

I hope this was helpful to someone! And as always you can follow my instagram for more looks and stuff! @hippiewithahipproblem

Have a great week!


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