How to get raspberry hair!


So recently my hair has been a complete mess. It was postbox red but it’s faded to a reddish brown and it’s quite frankly gross. I did try to redye it over Christmas but the dye didn’t take at all. Like not even a little bit! So I had to so something a little more drastic to change the colour!
Now as I was planning on bleaching it anyway why not go for the colour I always dreamed of but could never find in normal dyes? I’ve always wanted a rich raspberry colour. Not quite red, not quite pink but nice and bright and rich!
So I went out and found the colours I thought would mix and work. I picked up Schwarzkopf live colour xxl semi permanent hair colour in raspberry rebel. Now I know this says raspberry, but this isn’t the shade I was aiming for. I also picked up manic panic semi permanent dye in pretty flamingo. I hoped these two colours together would be correct and the rest was left up to the hair dye gods!


So last night after I put my son to bed I got to work. I normally dye my hair myself and have been doing it for more than 15 years now and I’m quite confident in this process! But if you are worried or not confident then try to get someone to help you! Getting the hair covered without missing little niggly strands can be tricky. It is easier to be sat and have someone part your hair correctly and apply it evenly. This also helps with mess! I get dye everywhere normally. I cover myself, my clothes and the bathroom so just keep that in mind!

What we are working with

Step one: have lank, lifeless and poop coloured hair.
So as you can see I look a little dishevelled, like a tired, disabled mummy should stereotypically look but I’m sick of this look now!
So what you can’t see if how excited I am to do this!
I took my braids out, brushed my hair thoroughly, took off all jewellery and changed into old clothes that I had no attachment to.
I find it’s best to do semi perminant dye when your hair is quite dirty, if it’s clean and conditioned the dye doesn’t grab onto the hair as well and I find it bleeds so much more!
Before starting I covered the floors and my seat with old towels and made sure all of my tools were nearby so I wouldn’t have to move to much and get dye everywhere!

Bleach your hair

I’m going to be honest, I cannot remember the name or brand of the bleach kit I used. But it was just a standard off the shelf, £5 platinum colour.
I know lots of people don’t like to bleach and are worried about bleach, but I don’t think it’s possible to achieve this colour without bleaching unless you have extremely light natural hair. I had to bleach as my hair was too dark to put semi permanent dye on.
I do have very thick hair, so bleaching doesn’t tend to break or dry out my hair but I know for others it can be problematic so take that into consideration!
I applied the bleach all over my hair except for my roots, I left it to develop under a plastic bag for 25 minutes. I saved a third of the formula to put on my roots, I applied it and left it for another 25 minutes, this time without my bag hat! This way I could see how it was developing and what was going on.
I rinsed the bleach off in the shower, I added a toner and left it on for 20 minutes and then rinsed it off with warm water,
I blow dried my hair on the lowest setting possible and detangled it.
I then prepared the semi permanent dye straight away.

The dye

As I said before I picked manic panic in pretty flamingo and Schwarzkopf live colour in raspberry rebel.
With manic panic you can mix and match with all of their shades, you can make some beautiful colours and they have some stunning shades! I paid £10 for my pot of pretty flamingo, which seems expensive but I can get two uses out of it so really it’s no different in price to other semi permanents.
I picked mine up from a store in my town that sells wigs, extensions and hair supplies. I’ve never seen it anywhere else!
I grabbed the live colour from my nearest Asda, I’ve seen them in most supermarkets and they aren’t too hard to find. They have a few different shades too.


Getting the dye ready
I used a hair bleach mixing pot and a brush for my application. It’s completely up to you what you use and you don’t have to splash out on expensive mixing bowls and things. I dye my hair very frequently and have a ex hairdresser mother so these things are often hanging around her house so they are easy to get hold of!


Mix it real good

So for this mixture I used half the manic panic and two thirds of the live colour. It is really important to mix it all in really well. If you don’t you might get patches of different colour so mix mix mix mix mix!


stop yourself getting stained

Before applying the formula rub coconut oil or Vaseline around hairline and on your ears. This stops the dye that will inevitably get onto your skin from staining you. It’s saved me so much time afterwards, I’m normally there scrubbing my skin raw.
I know a lot of people use Vaseline but I love coconut oil. We tend to have lots around the place anyway for makeup removal, moisturising and cooking so now it’s got another use! I find coconut oil great because it doesn’t cause me to break out and isn’t over greasy.


Let’s do some part-ying!

Next I split my hair into sections. I split it into quarters so I could get to it easily. There’s nothing worse when you are dying your hair than hair flying about everywhere getting in the way. So I secure it really tightly with clips.
I picked up my black clips from Asda for 2 for £1 so if you don’t have any I would recommend grabbing some before hand. I also used my tail brush a lot during this process so I would recommend getting one too. They sell them for a couple of quid at most supermarkets.


Glove it up!
The box colour does come with gloves but manic panic doesn’t. I prefer to use ordinary latex gloves which you can get from any pharmacy as they are tighter and I find them easier to work with than the crinkly huge ones that company’s provide with the dye. I paid around £1.50 for a box of 20 gloves so this will last forever!

Be Picasso for hair
It’s time to apply the colour! I used a brush but I’ve seen other people just pick it up with their hands! My hair was sectioned before so I could make sure it was covered thoroughly. I’m always super conscious of patches so take your time!

The waiting game
All on! After this step I covered my hair with a plastic bag. You could also use cellophane or a shower cap! I made sure not to transfer it anywhere as it Stains really badly. I kept it on for about a hour, but checked to see when it was ready. I periodically used the hairdryer on it to help the colour brighten.

Once ready I put my head under a freezing cold shower. I rinsed off the dye but only until it felt clean and not until the water was clear. This colour won’t run clear! It’s 3 weeks on and my hair still runs in the shower.
I then shampood and rinsed again in cold water. I didn’t condition as that can make colour fade quicker. I then gently towel dried and combed very delicately. My hair just went through hell and it needed some nice treatment! I also applied a teeeeeny bit of coconut oil on it. I mean tiny. Too much will make your hair greasy! I just wanted to feed it a little!
I did blow dry it after applying heat protection spray but I left it until the next day to straighten as my poor hair needed a break!


Ta Dah!
I love the end result! It’s such a rich and shiney colour that is so different to the normal red! It’s a dream! I’m going to confess though…I only wash my hair once a week! I know I’m gross! But I dry shampoo it everyday but once a week I freezing cold shampoo it! The colour is still bright today and it’s been weeks!


I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!
You can always follow me on Instagram! @hippiewithahipproblem

Have a great week!


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