Quick Lipstick Review

So Im actually going to review something thats not a MAC lisptick! *SHOCK HORROR!* yes I actually buy things other than MAC…sometimes ha.
So yesterday I got my hands on OCC liptar in lydia.
I actually wanted a bright and funky colour but it was slim pickins so I went with this lovely warm liver shade. Its almost a MLBB shade but with a purple or blue twist.
This came with a liptar brush in a little ziplock pouch.
I have other liptars so I chose to use their lip primer underneath but its not totally needed. Tbh I don’t find it does too much personally so I wouldn’t make a special trip to buy it.
This is a super sweet colour and I usually apply a teeny tiny bit, wait for it to dry and apply another. I usually apply 3 or 4 layers to get my desired shade.
My other liptars last a long time but this one doesn’t seem to be as long lasting. It might be because its not as bright or something but it seems so melt away very quickly.
I personally do not find the brush and tube very convenient. I like to carry a lipstick with me as its just simple but this is more fiddly. Its fine to apply at home but out and about it gets a little more complicated.
The shade makes my lips look a little cold, almost like I’m a zombie which can be a cool look so I’m digging it!
I adore liptars so this one not being completely up to scratch wont stop me buying 100 more, I am a tiny bit disappointed and its not what I hoped but I am certain I will get a lot of use out of it still!


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