Date Haul 💕

My husband made a new years resolution this new years to be more romantic, impulsive and adventurous. He’s already a huge sweetie and I couldn’t imagine how he could get sweeter. Well he surprised me with a date that he planned to a huge shopping center an hour or so away, this might seem like a strange date to some but this is the first place he took me when we started dating. Our first date was shopping and eating krispy kremes, which is why we had a krispy kreme mountain for our wedding. So this was a sweet place to take me, we have been together for 10 years this year so I think he was starting our year of romance back at our roots.
It just so happens that this huge shopping center also has ALL OF THE MAKEUP!
I’m not kidding when I say I got super overwhelmed about it. It was crazy! They had:
Urban decay
Bobby brown
Tom ford
Charlotte Tilbury
Bare minerals
Shu uemera
and lots and lots more!

I didnt know where to start so I went to OCC first.
I wanted to get a super crazy colour but they only had simple pink colours, which was disappointing. I picked up this cute liver colour called lydia.
Its not as bright as I was hoping but it does make a good MLBB.

Then I went over to my happy place- MAC. It was crazy busy, there was so many products missing or broken and you could barely move. I’m super sick and I decided to use my Cane instead of my wheelchair as there would be no possible way to make my way around in it. Which is frustrating as I am lucky enough to be able to walk a tiny bit but others who arnt as lucky just wouldn’t be able to go to MAC. So to MAC shame on you sort it out!
I managed to grab a blush which was full of joy. I’ve never had a MAC blush before and holy heck it is a freaking dream. Like seriously perfect. It is brightening, illuminating and highlighting. I realise they all mean the same thing but I cant explain just how much it makes you light up. I look like a freaking beautiful angel on top of a Christmas tree when I wear it!
It is a super pretty and soft lilac shade, it is nothing like what I have elsewhere and I couldn’t have been happier to bought it. I originally wanted to buy a really bright red colour as I don’t own a super red blush but this is so much better for me and my style and colourings. I simply adore it and will be rebuying it when it goes up to makeup heaven.

Next up was urban decay. It was so much quieter so that was fabulous! I’ve been having a huge issue with black liquid liners in that drug store brands make my eyes puff, itch and burn. I love urban decays 24/7 liquid liners and I have a bunch so its been on my list forever to get their black one. It is called perversion and it is blacker than black. It is as black as evil. Its fabulous! It goes on like a dream and stays put! I cannot recommend this set of liners enough, they kick butt and everyone needs them! In my opinion they rival MACs liners and I would reach for UD over MACS. But don’t tell MAC that!

Finally I went over to NARS. The clouds parted and sun shone down onto me. **Happy Sigh** its was so beautiful! I’ve been craving their shadow in Persia forever. Its stupidly pretty. Its a brick orange/red shade. I call it my little terracotta dream! It applys and blends like a dream and it was love at first swatch! I cannot wait to pair it with a dark green!! I do have to say that I wasn’t impressed with the NARS staff. I understand that it was super busy being a really popular store and it being 10% off but I should be ignored for 10 minutes whilst 4 (4!!!!) members of staff stand around picking their bums and gossiping. I expect more from NARS!! its a good thing I needed that shadow in my life or I wouldn’t have put up with it!! the things I will do for a good shadow!


So all in all it was a fabulous trip, I also got to try bubble tea which is insanity!!! I’m super lucky to have a husband who wants to support my hobby!


I hope you enjoyed my little review! And for more pictures of pretty makeup you can always follow my on Instagram 🙂 @hippiewithahipproblem



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