Hello and welcome to my first post of 2015! I hope you all had a awesome Christmas. I know I did, I’m stuffed with turkey and chocolates and have a few awesome new makeup pieces! I will get to that on another post but for now I thought I would ease in 2015 with a look!


So I’ve seen this sort of thing going around lately, where you do a whole rainbow of eyeshadows over two eyes. It looks awesome but I wanted my look to be a little bit simpler. I’m all about colour and craziness but I just think this sits better on my eye shape! Having hooded eyes can make too much look silly sometimes and this worked so much better for me!

There was only one palette up to this challenge, and that is of course the urban decay electric palette. I’ve heard a lot of chatter lately about this palette, people criticising it and saying it’s not practical. For me I think it’s easily my most used palette. No of course it’s not practical for people who like muted colours and like to play it safe, but for me and others who have tasted the rainbow it’s a awesome palette that is reached for more than often.
Now don’t get me wrong I certainly don’t think bright colours are superior to neutral looks, it’s my preference for what I enjoy, but I do enjoy neutral shades too. But to me makeup is almost art, it’s painting my face and I am drawn to happy bright shades. I love to see a look that’s super girly or that make me feel like I’m about to go to a carnival. So that’s why for me the electric palette is a essential in my kit.
The electric palette isn’t just bright colours though, it’s quality. The shadows are incredibly and intensely pigmented. You can mix the shades together beautifully and they all work together well. I just think it’s great.


When it came to the lip colour I wanted to use a neutral shade, I wanted the eyes to be the main point of this look and I think if I had used a bright coloured lipstick it would have been too much and looked sloppy. Today I went with one of my Christmas presents, MAC freckletone. This is a colour which I fondly call concealer terracotta. I really like it and think it’s a great skin toned shade but I feel like some people with different skin tones may not be as happy with it. Especially pinker tones, I would recommend swatching this lipstick in the store before purchasing it. I’m so glad it worked out for me but i would have been gutted if it had looked silly!

I’ve been really working hard on my shading skills lately, I’ve bought a new brush, it’s from wilkos and I wasn’t expecting much but I actually completely love it! I really want to get the MAC 217 brush but right now I will have to wait as it’s just been Christmas and I can’t afford to go makeup crazy right now! But if you are in the area of a wilkinsons I would reccomend their brushes, they are cheap and work awesomely! In my opinion better than realtechniques!


Product list

Maybelline baby skin
Benefit BOI-ing
MAC pro long wear foundation
Benefit hoola
Nyx milk
Tarte blush


Elf eyeshadow primer
Stila kitten
Urban decay electric palette in freak, savage, urban, fringe
Plane eyelashes from Korea
Elf eyebrow duo in light

MAC freckletone



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