Christmas sparkles❄️

With Christmas approaching at lightning speed its time to get our glad rags on and go out on the town to get festive! Usually this mean lots and lots of sparkle!
Christmas and winter go hand in hand with glitter and its an accessory that is a must! Even if its just a tiny bit on your nails! So here are a few of my favourite christmassy polishes! The ones that have glitter that glistens like snowflakes or sparkle like Christmas lights!
KleanColor 193 Sugar coat: this polish is super pretty to look at, which like most kleancolor polishes I have doesn’t really guarantee it will be pretty on. I’ve got this huge issue with their polishes that they tend to be gloopy, smelly and not really represent what it looks like inside the bottle. But with that in mind I actually do not mind this polish too much! It does smell very strongly and the stink stays on the nails for days. I hate it and honestly it sets off migraines for me but it might not bother others. It takes a lifetime and a day to dry which isn’t great but once it is its very pretty.
With most of these big glitter polishes you can wear them on their own or as a top coat over a dark or funky colour. I think it looks most Christmas on its own with two or three coats. It has a clear glittery base with large hexagonal iridescent pieces of glitter inside. It takes a little while to get all of the glitter evenly on the nail. This polish costs around £4 depending on how many you buy and it does what you want it to.



Loreal gold leaf top coat: So this is purely marketed as a top coat but I do like to wear it on its own. I think it does a great job at glitter tips and gradients. It looks great over black and it is a great alternative to some of the gold leaf polishes out there that cost a small fortune. I think it looks really expensive and different, I tend to get lots of compliments when I wear it. It looks great with just one coat, you don’t need to mess about applying lots of layers and trying to get big bits of glitter out of the bottle. It just applys lovely. The drying time is OK, its not speedy but average. It has a clear base and big gold leaf style pieces of glitter and it is super pretty. I have two issues with this product which are the smell which is overpowering and the fact that if you don’t apply a few layers of top coat the glitter tends to stick up in places and get caught on clothing on in your hair. It ruins the manicure and is just plain irritating. It only costs around £5 and is well worth it in my opinion.
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China Glaze Luxe and lush: this is a polish that is from the hunger games collection. I actually got it because of that, I love polish and I love hunger games so it just seemed right! This has turned into probably my favourite ever polish in the whole wide world. It is basically empty and it makes me very sad to see it go! I will be hunting down a new bottle for sure! It has hardly any smell but it is quite thick and has a somewhat of a gloopy formula. It can be a little hard to work with but the pay-off is completely worth it! It has a beautiful rose gold iridescent gold leaf type glitter. The colour is just stunning and I love wearing it over a dark grey shade. I think It looks like unicorn dandruff! I just love it! It does tend to have quite a long drying time but I can forgive that! It costs around£6 and it should be in everyone’s collection!




Zoya Monet: This polish is awesome! It has hardly any smell, it applies super easy and the glitter applies evenly, it dries quickly and looks stunning. I pretty much only wear this on its own over a French manicure because it doesn’t need anything else! I think it looks like summer rain or snowflakes glistening and its just awesome! It has a clear pink base with small iridescent hexagonal glitter inside. The glitter is smaller than the kleancolor polish. It costs around £13 a bottle and it is easily my favourite Christmas polish!



IMG_4310-0.JPGCiate snow globe: So I actually got a mini version of this polish in a magazine. I had never gotten to try ciate and once I put it on I was addicted. It does have a very strong smell but it applies easily and is super glittery. I will be buying a big version as soon as this one runs out which wont take long! If the china glaze polish is unicorn dandruff then this is fairy dandruff! It is so sparkly and shiny! It drys extremely quickly and you only really need one coat. Is has a clear base with a gold leaf style glitter in shiny blue, silver and green tones. It is super pretty and christmassy! It is around £9 for a bottle and I would certainly say its worth it!

So there is my review of my favourite Christmas sparkle polishes! If I had to recommend one I think it would be Ciate, its chrismtassy, pretty, great formula and a reasonable price!


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