lashes of lashes

So recently my husband was putting in an order on Amazon, he asked me if there was anything cheap I wanted and I had a little peak. I was on a bit of a lash kick and decided to check out how much lashes were on Amazon. I had become quite familiar with pricing and wanted to compare.
I then spotted something interesting, a Taiwan seller who was selling 12 pairs of lashes for less than £1. this seemed crazy to me, how can they be good? How can they make a profit? How can they offer free delivery? So I put in the order and thought it wasn’t too much to worry about with only a £1 to lose.
The expected delivery date was the 10th of January. Which was 5 weeks from order, they arrived today so only 3 weeks which is great!
The packaging was cute and had a little clear heart to see the lashes through and all of the directions were in Taiwanese. On first inspection I was hugely impressed! Once I opened them and gave them a little stroke I couldn’t believe just how soft they were. They felt like kitten fur which is never a bad thing! They did not come with glue which isn’t an issue for me as I like to use a separate good quality glue but just incase you will order some keep it in mind!
I came to the conclusion that these would be awful to apply, would fall apart or just look awful and flimsy. I took the first one out of the packet and clipped it down to size, the band was very thin and light and didn’t feel like it would be stiff. I bent the band around to make it more malleable and easy to fit on my lid, it did it extremely easily. After applying a little glue and waiting I put the lashes on first time. FIRST TIME. I usually have to add a little glue to corners or rearrange but these are a freaking dream. They are light, comfortable and feel so natural. They are the perfect natural lashes.
A thing i’ve noticed lately is I’ve been struggling to find lashes that are more natural and just boost my lashes. I bloody love lashes, being a big flamboyant butterfly is one of my favourite pastimes but sometimes I just need a natural and pretty lash. Every one I’ve tried have fallen short of my expectations until now. These are a dream. I cannot say enough about them! I’ve been wearing them the whole day and they still look beautiful!
When I get my makeup budget back after Christmas I am going to order 10 packs, that will last me a good while and its the same cost of 2 pairs of lashes from superdrug. What’s better than that?!?!?


so please don’t be worried to try them! They are fabulous and unless you try you never know!

On the flip side my mum bought me a beautiful pair of limited edition eylure lashes in sparkled. They were so pretty I was basically drooling as she paid for them. But ive never been so disappointed in a product ever. The band was so tough and stiff I’m fairly certain it was made out of pissing adamantium and there was no way they were going to stick to my eyelids. I tried for the better part of an hour to apply ONE lash before ruining my whole look and giving up. It makes me sad mostly because these are Christmas party lashes and people pick these up for their festivity’s and may not be completely used to lashes. They will try them, be frustrated or disappointed (or both!) and then give up on lashes for good! I love eylure lashes and they are easily my favourite lash brand but these are the worst! They are so so so pretty but they suck!

It just shows that the big brands aren’t always superior and the little guy deserves a chance!


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