Quick makeup review


Hello! I know I know, I suck, I’ve not put anything for a wee while but my real life has been very hectic and taken me away from my hobbies briefly! But I’m back with a quick review and I promise to do a proper post tomorrow!
I’ll stop being a neglectful jerk and start getting back to it!

So anyway, today I woke up to my wonderful husband grinning at me and shoving a black envelope at me. Of course I instantly recognised that beautiful sleek packaging as MACs and got excited! I’ve been rather sad recently after some news that shocked me and my husband wanted to perk me up so he did it the best way he knew how….with lipstick!
He chose me a beautiful matte MAC lipstick in a shade called Kinda sexy.

Also inside the envelope was a free tester of their mascara which I’ve only had a quick go with but seems awesome and gives you big but not spidery lashes!

I untwisted that beautiful lipstick and it was a spiced brown colour. This was stupidity exciting as clearly my husband listens and knows thats what’s hip at the moment! He also listened when I told him that I want to start picking up the less popular shades to see which little gems I could find. I’ve never heard of kinda sexy, but I can tell you something…it’s beyond sexy!

I applied it and it feels a lot more moisturising than some of MACs matte lipsticks. It’s not drying at all. It’s a spiced pink colour that’s Almost subtle. It’s extremely pretty and feels great on!
I did question if it was similar to MAC twig but after a quick comparison it seems not!


It’s so pretty that I can’t wait to wear it again tomorrow. It’s one of those versatile colours that goes with everything! I just adore it and I can tell me and kinda sexy are going to get along just fine!


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