Quick lip review


So today’s quick lip review is MACS lustre lipstick in hug me.
So I actually went into MAC with the intention of buying midimauve, but long story short they had sold out of that shade and 6 other alternatives I asked for. It turns out brown neutral shades are what’s hip this season! Hug me was the last colour I swatched and not wanting to leave empty handed I settled for it.
Being a lustre lipstick it’s a very delicate colour, it’s almost like a step up from tinted lip balms. I would compare it to clinique chubby sticks. But it is incredibly buildable and it’s such a warm and inviting colour. I thought it reminded me of MAC twig but once I compared them I realised how pink twig actually is against a true brown.
The formula is extremely moisturising and lovely. I’ve never worn a lipstick that feels this way, it is light and moist but certainly not slimey! The staying power isn’t mind blowing but it’s fine. I had to apply it every now and then and it didn’t survive drinks or kisses but it doesn’t instantly slide off your lips.
I’ve found it’s become a quick favourite and a instant classic in my collection. I feel like I’ve just discovered a hidden gem that I’ve not see anyone discuss and I’m not sure why, it’s blinkin stunning! It’s a colour that will work for all seasons and most looks and occasions! I just adore it and it will be rebought once it runs out (which won’t be long with the amount of use it’s getting!)
I paid ¬£15 which I always find reasonable for the quality that MAC produce with their lipsticks, it’s not bank breaking but they feel so much more special than drugstore. The packaging was the standard MAC black bullet which is always nice to see and unbox!

So if you are feeling disappointed at the lack of brown MAC lipsticks then please pick this up! It deserves more love than if gets!



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