Quick Lip Review

So lately I’ve been taking a lot of lip swatch pictures. I just like to do it and in the end I’m going to be able to look through all of my swatches and pick a lipstick to wear from photos of how the colour actually works on me!
So I thought I would start doing quick reviews of just one lip product!
Today the product is Too Faced melted lipstick in Violet. I actually bought this product without ever swatching it because of all the hype and good reviews. I’m a sucker for a good purple lip shade so I just went for it! It’s probably one of the most expensive lip products I own at £20.
When it arrived I couldn’t understand why it was so loved. It was runny and didn’t stay on my lips, but a friend advised me to give it a good old shake and after that it was a dream! It has a fuzzy little applicator which makes it really easy to apply evenly and lightly, you don’t need a whole lot to get a really good colour and in my opinion the product works much better of you do a few light and gentle layers rather than one thick layer. It helps the staying power as it has a chance to set on your lips and it makes the colour a lot more even.
I’ve had lots of issues with lipsticks and staying power but this really is worth every penny! I can eat, kiss, drink and go all day and it doesn’t budge. It’s really awesome at staying put.
The packaging is quite young for my tastes, it’s a plastic tube which doesn’t look expensive to me but it’s nice and portable.
They are starting to build up a great colour selection now and I will definitely be buying more In the very near future!

So overall I love this product and it has the best staying power ever!



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