Ice Blue


So today I’ve been not able to do too much. It sucks but at least I can still do my makeup! I’m feeling particularly wintery at the moment and I’m hoping a ice blue eye look will encourage ice and snow! Like a rain dance but for snow and with makeup! I swear it makes sense in my head! It was one of those unplanned looks where you just keep going until something works! I was surprised by how much I loved it as I normally completely avoid blue eyeshadow but this poor sad and lonely MAC shadow had yet to be used so I had to be brave! I’ve got green eyes which is one huge reason I stay away from blues but I’ve recently dyed my hair and I think my colour palette has changed! Woo hoo!


So like I mentioned earlier I got to use a new MAC shadow, it’s a blue colour called aquadaisic and in the store it made me feel weak at the knees but as soon as I brought it home it was like my beer googles were off and she wasn’t what I hoped. So into a drawer for 4 months she went until today! After swatching it on my hand I got all excited again and decided to just go for it! It’s just the most beautiful frosty blue which is almost a tiny bit turquoise. It’s slightly shimmery and it just feels very winter wonderland. It’s a dream to apply which is a trend I’ve found with MAC shadows. It blends like a dream and the colour payoff is outstanding. This shade has made me decide to go through my stash tomorrow and give some other bits a try!

When I dyed my hair last week I decided I needed red eyebrows. I can’t handle not matching, it just grinds my gears and niggles at me. But it turns out I only own one red shadow. And I’ve had it since my Angsty emo years when I used to smear it around my eyes and team it up with lashing of black liner. It’s a stargazers shadow but it’s so old it no longer has a label! But because I’m unwell and on house rest right now I have to make do! So here is a public apology about the state of my brows! Woops!


product list

MAC prep and prime
ELF colour correcting powder
Benefit boingg
Benefit lemonaid
Benefit eyebright
MAC prolong wear foundation in NC15
No7 pressed powder in candlelight
Nyx blush in taupe
Benefit whatts up
Benefit sugar bomb blush

Elf eyebrow duo in light
Stargazers red shadow
Elf eye primer
Nyx milk
Stila eyeshadow in kitten
Urban eyeshadow in strange
MAC eyeshadow in aquadaisic
Urban decay 24/7 liquid liner in electric
No7 stay perfect mascara
Eylure lashes in cool kitty

Rimmel lip liner in eastend snob
MAC lipstick in Twig



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