Lipstick and lashes


So believe it or not I am not a perky happy person all the time. I have days where I’m low from my illness or it’s rainy outside and it makes me blue. Those are the dates were I get most glammed up. I feel more like myself when I feel like a movie star. Today was stormy. So naturally I went for false lashes and a rich red lip. I did not feel great and hiding my dark circles and painting on a smile really helped me get through a not so happy day.
Makeup is just magic to me!
I came into the living room and my toddler said “wow mummy, you look beautiful” and that turned my frown upside down 🙂


I have quite a large mac lipstick collection and I’m normally not easily swayed by other brands but lately I’ve really been having a urban decay kick! I love their lipsticks and I find their staying power to be great even if the sensation is a bit tacky. They are fairly priced but I just wish they would get a better selection of colours! I love daring colours and considering urban decay are all about the edginess their colours are almost boring and predictable. That being said they do have some stunners like f-bomb,venom And lovelight.

Today I am wearing eylures Katy Perry lashes in cool kitty. I picked these up whilst looking for a more natural false lash but I have to admit I freaking live these babies! They apply like a dream, I actually got them on first time believe it or not! And they look so beautiful. They aren’t over the top like I assumed they would be, I mean Katy is known for her large lashes…among other things! But I would recommend these to everyone! I will be stocking up!


product list
No7 stay perfect primer
Elf concealer in ivory
MAC foundation
Nyx blush in taupe
The balm rockstar palette- disco, disco!
No7 pressed powder in candle light
Benefit hervana blush.

MUA eyebrow palette
Elf eye primer
Urban decay naked 3 palette
Elf black liquid liner
Eylure lashes in cool kitty.

Urban decay lipstick in cat fight




4 thoughts on “Lipstick and lashes

  1. Those lashes are amazing! You look absolutely stunning by the way! Glad to hear that the wonderful art of makeup can cheer you up 🙂

  2. Your eyes are just toooo gorgeous. I don’t know the details of your illness, but I have been on disability from work for the last few years + I thought it was odd (my own strange coping mechanism!) that I had never been more interested/obsessed w/clothes — and recently, makeup. I mean, I’m *less* social now than I’ve ever been! But, like I said, possibly it’s some sort of coping thing? It’s the best kind of distraction, anyway, + a form of optimism, right?
    Anyway, thank you for your great blog. I found you this morning on IG!

    1. Thanks so much for the message! You are such a sweetheart!
      I’ve got some undiagnosable pain condition that has the doctors completely stumped! My legs and hips are in extreme pain constantly and I can’t walk anymore. It’s really rubbish but through makeup I’ve definately became miles more confident than I ever was! I never thought I’d meet someone else who deals with it similarly so that’s really really awesome!
      Anything that puts a smile on your face is important so never stop doing what you love 😍!

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