Vintage glamour

Whenever I do this look I get told that it’s been done to death. But here’s the thing, there is a reason why it’s been done to death and that is because it is a classic. It’s elegant, glamorous and timeless. I feel like a freakin movie star when I wear this look. I feel like a pinup and I’m painted on the side of a plane in the war.
Just because it’s not original, crazy or edgy does not mean it doesn’t deserve to be a awesome look that gets no attention.
I love it!


So for my look today I got to use my brand new MAC pro long wear foundation. It’s a dream come true! Up until now I had only wore no7 and urban decay foundations. I never realised they were too warm for me! Even my husband noticed the difference. It applies lovely and sits on my face like a beautiful hug.
I also got to use my new elf black liquid eye liner. Shock horror I’ve never owned a black liquid liner I can actually use. I’ve bought plenty but they all been patchy, or awkward to use and I’ve given up trying. But this is great! It has a lovely thin brush to get those sharp points and it’s colour is deepest black!
I tried once again to battle my greatest makeup foe- MAC rubywoo. You see I love MAC rubywoo, the colour is stunning but it has the texture of clay which isn’t a quality I want in a lipstick. I literally feel like I have to spread if on with a bloody butter knife. The results are lovely but boy do I hate getting there!


product list

No7 stay perfect primer
Elf concealer stick In ivory
MAC pro long wear foundation
No7 creme touch face powder in candlelight
Tarte blush in glisten

Elf eyeshadow duo
Elf eye primer
Urban decay naked 3 palette
Elf back liquid liner
Eylure natural lashes no.31
No7 stay perfect mascara

Maybelline liquid lipliner in red
MAC ruby woo




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