The big eyeliner review!


So today whilst sorting though my vanity I realised I have a good selection of liquid eyeliners! It was at this moment I thought it might be fun to see the differences in price, selection and ease of use. I wanted to see if the more you spent the better the product or if they are all similar!
I’m a bit of a liner junkie but I actually do not own a black eyeliner I like, so after looking at my stash today it’s inspired me to go out and buy a new one! I’ve gotta get a nice clean wing!


urban decay 24/7
So urban decays 24/7 liquid liners are very close to my heart. They were my first liner and I’ve collected them all. I’ve been very sad to find out they will no longer stock them! They are £14 and there are 9 bright and fun shades to choose from. Even though they are mid range in price I think they are completely worth it! What I first noticed when I used it was how watery it is. I thought this was going to be a issue but it actually isn’t! The colour comes out bold and it doesn’t run all over the shop. They last really well once applied and take a good amount of eye makeup remover and elbow grease to remove it! The brush is long and thin which really helps in the application process and helps to get a nice sharp wing. The design is sleek and the handle is long which is nice. The product is very watery and if you drop it, it WILL run out all over the place (rest in peace retrograde!) so it is something to be careful of!
good bright selection of colours.
Long lasting.
Easy application.

Runny formula
No longer making them!



bourjois Paris mega liner

I actually got this eyeliner as part as a promotion and I was pumped. I needed a nice black eyeliner and I’m always so impressed with bourjois makeup. But from the second I’ve tried to use it I’ve hated it. First off the tip is square which isn’t the easiest to use, I cannot seem to get a even straight line with it! And then when I do manage to get a line it’s light and patchy. The formula is just awful! It almost feels dry and scratchy whilst you are applying. The packaging is kind of retro and sort of fun but not enough to save it for me. Even though I got it for free it’s still rubbish to me! No wonder they were giving them away. This one costs £6 and it only comes in black. It has really put me off trying any other bourjois liner as I do not want to waste my money but as I do love most of their products I probably will one day!
Pros: cool packaging.
dry, patchy application.
Square tip.
Hard to work with.


no7 stay precise liner

When I first bought a no7 liquid liner I thought it would be fine. I didn’t except too much as at only £6.99 it’s on the cheaper side. But it blew me away! I cannot say enough good things about this product! They come in 6 colours with some bright and some neutral which means that most people will find something to like. They have a shade called mermaid which is a beautiful ocean green and it’s probably my favourite liner in the world! The brush is very long and thin, this makes for easy and quick application. The formula does tend to be thicker and almost gloopy but not enough to put me off using it. It really does not affect the usage. The bottle is small and cute but not so small that it’s difficult to hold and work with. This product is my little underdog. No7 seems to have a problem where a lot of people see it as older lady makeup but they have some awesome gems! And these liners are fantastic! I’m seriously hoping they bring out more shades in the future!

Easy application
Bright colours
Long lasting

Gloopy formula
Only 6 shades



Rimmel scandaleyes

So I bought this liner when I really needed a black liner and had to grab whatever they had at the supermarket. It has a felt tip which is something I’m not really a fan of anyway so I was already unsure, but once I used it I was pleasantly surprised. No it’s not the best and no it’s not crisp deep shades but it does the job, and at £6 I can’t really grumble. Once you apply it it can be a little patchy but overall it’s fine. It’s a little hard to get a nice sharp wing with the felt tip. It comes in two shades. The handle is nice and long which is great for application but it doesn’t hang around for long. It’s fine in a pinch but I wouldn’t buy it again especially as for around a pound more I could buy a no7 liner!

Rich colour
Long handle

Feels cheep
Comes off easily
Can be patchy



MAC super slick

It’s no secret that I’m a huge MAC geek. I get heart palpitations just from getting mail from them and my idea of a good date is for my husband to take me to the store! So when I got my hands on one of their liners I expected great things. They did not disappoint!
So the tip is quite short a stubby for my taste. I like long and thin brushes that you can sweep across the lid, but this does not stop it being a great product. The formula is similar to urban decays and is very watery, once it’s on the lid though is intense and bright! I really thought nothing could be better than urban decay but I have left them for mac! I struggle to remove this liner. To the point where I have to basically peel it off. Some will see that as a con but to me it’s fabulous! I can cry, dance in the rain and dip my head In the sink and it does. Not .budge! It comes in 9 bright and beautiful shades and costs £17 which is the most expensive liner I own but to me it is very worth the price tag! It’s a fabulous product and I can rave and rave and rave about it!

Intense colour
Long lasting
Easy application

Hard to remove
Stubby brush



max factor glide and define
For me this product is one word- yuck. I bloody hate it! And I’m now going to throw it away as if I give it away it will only annoy someone else!
It’s a teeny tiny stubby looking liner. It’s fiddly to hold which is a pain in the butt and it’s a felt tip which is also short and stubby. It’s so dry and patchy that I actually get annoyed to even try to apply it. I’ve bought two of these stupid things as I really really wanted it to work and thought I got a bad one but nope they just suck. It costs £7 which is more than no7 and I will not be spending another penny on it.

it looks cute

Poor formula
Too small
Bad brush




So I recently got to go to the e.l.f store in cardiff and spent a small fortune and I’ve honestly been stupidly impressed with their products! And this liner is no exception! It’s a felt tip which I usually do not like but it’s long and thin so easy to use! The colours come out vibrant and easily. It is really easy to use! They are only around £4 and come in a huge variety of colours. But do not let the small price tag fool you, this product rocks. I often find myself reaching for this one when I don’t want to use one of my more expensive liners. Like if I’m just messing around or trying new looks. I think they are great and I will be buying more colours! The packaging is really cute and retro and stands out nicely from the other liners. I just like it all around 🙂

easy to use
Lots of colours

Felt tip



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