Egyptian peacock


So I decided I wanted to create a decadent look using eyeliners.
I bloody love eyeliners! I have a addiction to collecting them. The brighter the better and I was devastated when urban decay announced their news that they will no longer be producing 24/7 liquid liners! I own every colour (except for retrograde which I dropped and exploded resulting in tears and a ruined romper suit) and for me they are the best! So upon hearing this news I went in search of new liquid liners! Today I am using no7 and MAC! No7 liquid liners are great but they do tend to be a little globby! They are thick and sticky but the colours are bright and last well! MAC liquid liners are pretty awesome too! I prefer a long and thin brush but these are short and stubby but that is my only issue! The colour lasts forever and I’ve even taken my makeup off before only to realise that my mac liner has stayed put!
I’m really pleased with how it turned out, even though I did feel too regal to be buying tea bags from tesco whilst wearing this look!


product list

First I prepped my skin using no7 toner and day moisturiser.
No7 all day primer.
No7 stick concealer in calico.
Urban decay foundation in 0.5
No7 pressed powder in candlelight
Nyx blush in mocha.

Maybelline eyebrow pencil in hazel
Elf eyebrow palette in blonde.

Urban decay primer potion
Urban decay naked 3 palette for highlight and base. Strange and burnout.
No7 liquid liner in mermaid
MAC liner in pure show
Clinique black mascara

MAC gel



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