Pink electric


Today I decided it was time to get the electric palette back out since I’ve been neglecting it recently!
It’s easily my favourite palette and with vice 3 on the way I needed the distraction!
I’ve always tried to do looks with the electric palette that are wearable on average days and not in the club or at a festival. I also am a sucker for girly looks and pink!
So today I went with Barbie shades!
I love this palette as it’s so pigmented and the colours blend like a dream!
If you haven’t bought this palette already then I completely recommend that you get to urban decay as soon as possible and pick it up!
I was very apprehensive as the colours are so bright but I’ve not looked back since it hit my vanity!


product list

First a applied no7 beautiful toner and daily moisturiser.
No7 matt primer
No7 concealer stick in calico.
Urban decay foundation in 0.5
The balm highlighter from Bon jovi palette.
Tarte blush

Maybelline pencil in hazel
Elf eyebrow palette in light

Urban decay primer potion
Urban decay Electric palette
Urban decay 24/7 liquid liner in Woodstock
No7 extreme mascara

Urban decay lovelight lipstick



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