Nyx Matte lipsticks


Here in the UK we don’t have the largest selection of Nyx which is a shame as I think their products completely rock! I own a large collection of their lip creams, roll on eyeshadow, blushers, eyeshadows and lipsticks and I’ve got a list as long as my arm for things I still admire! Their products always have great quality, on trend colours and are extremely affordable! Today however I will be talking about their wonderful matte lipsticks!


I always find that Nyx has very sleek and modern packaging, black and white with bold lettering and the texture is smooth. They look so lovely stacked together and even though they aren’t particularly eye catching they are still very beautiful.


Once open these are very bright and vibrant looking. These particular lipsticks are:

Tea rose
Whipped caviar
Bloody Mary
Shocking pink
Strawberry daiquiri

Tea Rose



Tea rose looks like a rich pearlescent pink in the tube. Almost a dusty pink.



Once applied It is very pretty. It’s a delicate dusty rose colour which is very simple. It’s almost a pastel pink but with a kick to it.
I love with this colour to be honest and I find myself reaching for it often. It’s my secret weapon when I want simple And pretty.

Whipped Caviar



In the tube whipped caviar is a extremely strange colour. It’s brown, orange, pink, red all rolled into one neutral shade. When I look at the colour I don’t instantly love it and even when I was buying it I was unsure!



Once on your lips whipped caviar takes on a completely different colour. It’s a neutral pink colour which leans more towards brown. Its got a slight shimmer to it even though it matte. It’s quite a unusual shade which I think would suit certain skin tones really well.

Bloody Mary



At first glance Bloody Mary looks like a striking scarlet red with a hint of bright orange. It looks bold, bright and beautiful.



Once applied all hints of orange disappear and it becomes one of the boldest reds I have ever owned. I always feel very fierce when I’m wearing it as it really is a red that shouts “I’m in charge”.
It’s quite a intimidating colour at first and quite honestly it took me a few attempts to be brave enough to leave the house with it but once I did I got so many compliments.

Shocking Pink



This colour looks like it’s a bright neon fuchsia,it’s incredibly bold and almost neon on the tube. I instantly fell in love with it and had to buy it, it’s the brightest pink I own by a mile!



I wanted bright pink and this colour does not disappoint! But it’s more than a bright tacky fuchsia it has baby pink tones and depth. I love it and I predict it will be my favourite this summer!




Butter is a very strange colour, it’s almost a burnt tan or dark terracotta and if I’m honest in the tube it doesn’t look overly appealing. It’s not neutral, vibrant, classy, sheer or anything! It’s the strangest colour in their range in my opinion.



Once on the lips it turns into a light tan colour and as you can see it’s quite hard to apply evenly. I don’t feel like it’s a very flattering colour on me but for others this may be a nice shade.

Strawberry Daiquiri



Strawberry Daiquiri actually lives up to it’s name and is a red strawberry colour with slight orange tones. It looks edible and bright.



This one is also quite hard to apply evenly. It’s thick and you have to almost spread it. Once on it’s a beautiful orange colour. It’s very delicate and pretty. Even with it’s application issues I still find myself Reaching for this shade as it really is pretty.


Over all I adore the nyx matte lipstick collection. They are quite thick and can be drying but the colour payoff can be awesome. The colours are bright and on trend. I really hope to see some more shades in the UK soon!



1 thought on “Nyx Matte lipsticks

  1. I love NYX. If it makes you feel better, I’m in the States and have to drive 20-30 minutes to the nearest Ulta to get the full selection. And I’ve yet to get their butter lipstick everyone raves about as it is never stocked.

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