Shiro Shadows


It’s not secret that I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of shiros products, specifically their shadows and it’s been a long wait but I’ve been lucky enough to finally have some in my grasp.

I have nice selection from different lines and lots of different colours. I got very excited when I opened the parcel to see them!


I’m really looking forward to seeing what looks I can produce with these beautiful colours and I can’t wait to see if shiro lives up to my expectations.


When I swatched these shadows I applied nyx milk pencil on the top, bare skin in the middle and urban decay eye primer on the bottom. As you can see the colours are very highly pigmented, very rich and beautiful. I used very little powder and I got little to no fallout. On first appearances I love this brand!



In the bag mockingjay is a beautiful elegant antiqued gold. It feels rich and almost expensive. I love the way it shimmers and almost looks like burnished gold.


On the skin it is more of a copper colour with gold tones. It’s very easy to apply and you need very little. It blends nicely and is a beautiful autumnal colour.

Philosophers stone


In the bag philosophers stone is a shiny burgundy with black and mahogany tones. It seems quite matte in the bag and it is quite a unusual colour, I don’t think it’s a colour I would usually be drawn to but up close it’s quite beautiful.


Once applied philosophers stone takes on a completely different colour. It become a dark burnt orange with deep red tones and has beautiful silver glitter that peeks out every now and again. It’s not over powering or tacky it’s a very pretty glitter shadow. I do think this colour would be too much on it’s own but would be lovely of just a hint is used.

Majoras mask


In the bag majoras mask looks like a beautiful spring, pastel lilac. It’s the sort of colour I am immediately drawn to. It is extremely pretty and out of them all it was the one I was most excited about. It’s what I would call forget-me-not purple, it has a hint of baby blue and reminds me of Parma violets!


Once it’s applied it becomes clear that it has a lot more glitter than it appears to. It’s still the same beautiful colour from the bag but it has a extra sparkly silver kick. It applies and blends in a lovely way and I think it’s easily my favourite from the bunch! It’s just so pretty.




Remake is what I would call tacky gold. There is nothing wrong with it and I love it but it reminds me of fake gold necklaces from street markets. It’s a very bright gold and it almost shows off when you look at it. Where mockingjay feels expensive with remake you feel like you are showing how much bling you have.


Once it’s on it is so much better! It has much more depth and warmth and it does feel like a pretty gold ring. I actually really love it and can think of tonnes of things to do with it!

vine whip


I’ve only recently had a love for green eyeshadows but I’m not digging this colour. It’s such a strange shade that it doesn’t excite me. It’s not rich or vibrant and it’s almost too dark.


They have done it again! I love it out of the bag! It turns into a beautiful moss green and almost mint pastel green. It’s quite sheer and shimmery. I instantly fell for it. It’s very easy to manage and once again I needed very little .


dark sacrifice


In the bag dark sacrifice look almost black with a hint of red glitter. It looks quite intimidating and it looks as if you would only need a very tiny amount to make a impact with it.


As with most of shiros shadows it seems this one also is a completely different shadow out of the bag! It turns into a rich navy with beautiful silver and red glitter. It almost resembles the summer night sky. It still seems quite intimidating to me and I think it would be a very small amount being used but it would make a very interesting smokey eye!

Nayru’s love


This colour is very interesting to me. It’s a shimmery baby blue and it’s a colour that I don’t think I’ve seen before. It looks like it will be quite sheer but very fresh looking. With the right kind of complimenting tone this colour could be gorgeous.


Out of the bag this colour turns into a shimmery baby blue with silver tones. It’s extremely delicate and pretty. It feels so sweet and girly. I really like it but I’m struggling to think of looks that would really showcase it in the way it deserves to be shown off as it is so delicate.


As I expected shiros shadows are full of surprises and exciting tones. I am so excited to try looks with these shadows and the colours are so bright and pigmented. I really adore them and think they are a great brand that deserves all the hype they can get!



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