Peaches, oranges and apricots

As the summer is fast approaching I decided to break out all of my orange lipstick shades. Orange is such a great colour and it can range from pastel to bold and bright. No matter what you wear this summer there will be a shade of Orange out there to compliment your look!


With so many different brands and shades I decided to do a review. Each one has a different feel and they all make me feel bright and fresh! So be right on trend this season with a lovely apricot and also brighten up your day!


The shades I will be reviewing today are as follows:
Rimmel- nude pink
MUA- peachy keen
Nyx- strawberry daiquiri
Rimmel- coral in gold
Maybelline- electric orange
Barry m- 54
Revlon colour stay -097
MAC- Saigon summer


At first glance they are all completely different. I do find once I put them on my lips they all were similar. The different brands are what for me made the difference and made me favour certain ones.
From top to bottom
Rimmel- nude pink
MUA-peachy keen
Nyx- strawberry daiquiri
Rimmel- coral in gold
Maybelline- electric orange
Barry m- 54
Revlon colour stay- 097
MAC- Saigon summer


Rimmel- Nude pink.

Even though this lipstick is called nude pink don’t be fooled it’s a coral! It’s very shimmery and delicate. The colour is a very light orange and it sits very nicely on her lips and feels very smooth and moist. The application is great and it doesn’t feel tacky or heavy and does not dry out my lips. My only issue is the stay time isn’t great and it transfers onto glasses.




MUA-Peachy Keen

Peachy keen is a pale pastel apricot. I have never used MUA before and if I’m honest when I applied it I did not like it. It was sticky, thick and felt incredibly heavy. The colour is lovely and I will give them another chance but it was not as good as I expected. I do love the novelty that the bottom of the lipstick screws off so you can use a lip brush easier but that’s the best thing about this lipstick for me.




Nyx- strawberry daiquiri

Strawberry daiquiri is a browny orange colour and it’s more towards the nude side. I love nyx and I own every matte lipstick they’ve brought out but this is my least favourite. The colour seems strange against my skin and the formula is very tacky and drying.



Rimmel- coral in gold

I’m going to admit it…this is my favourite by a million miles! I have a love affair with this lipstick. It’s rich, delicate and sparkles with GOLD! What more can you need? I always find myself reaching for this colour when I’m having a quick makeup day. The colour is very unusual and I’ve not found anything similar yet. It has a great application and it last quite a long time. It doesn’t seem to transfer too badly. It’s very soft and I love it!




Maybelline- electric orange

Electric orange is a sharp and bold orange. It lasts very well and hardly transfers. It feels juicy and moist but it does tend to stain the lips. The colour is great and vibrant and I get lots of complements when I wear it. It is quite sticky but it’s worth it for the colour payoff.




Barry M- 54

This shade is something I completely have a love hate relationship with. The colour is a very pale pastel apricot. I saw it and loved it but I find the formula to be tacky, dry and feel like a heavy layer on my lips. The application is awkward and doesn’t glide on, you basically have to spread it on. It’s such a beautiful colour and I really want to like their lipsticks but I find it very hard.




Revlon colourstay- 097

This colour In the tube looks like it will be very bright and vibrant colour but once it’s applied it’s more of a dark cherry orange. It applies very nicely and stays on great! My only issue is it’s very greasy and looks greasy. I think it should be more classified as a gloss for this reason.




MAC- Saigon summer

When I bought this shade I hoped it would be like morange. I actually went to purchase morange and when I saw this one I decided it would be better.
It’s more sheer and shinier than I hoped but it is very delicate and pretty. It’s a very unusual colour and feels exotic. I love the way they apply and they feel lovely but this lipstick doesn’t have the best staying time.



This summer you can pick up such a huge variety of orange shades and I hope you enjoy wearing them and feeling fierce!




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