Sleek lipsticks

So I bought a couple of beautiful sleek lipsticks this week. The shades are exxxagerate and mulberry.
I saw that they were in stock and they jumped into my basket so quickly!


Even though they are what I would consider a drug store brand they come in cute boxes which feel very posh and expensive. I almost feel like I am about to open a high end lipstick!


Mulberry in the tube looks almost reddish black and exxxagerate looks like a vibrant lavender. The tubes are rounded rectangles and have a velvety feel to them. They do feel like expensive lipsticks when you hold them.


So I tried on mulberry first. The application was quite difficult as it is such a rich colour so if it goes off your lips it stains very quickly which makes it hard to have a very clean line. I lined with clear lip liner and still had trouble!
The colour is really beautiful and glossy, it feels very great on and not drying or tacky at all. My only issue was it did pass onto every cup I drank out of and onto my sons top when I hugged him. It’s very transferable. Even though it’s very vampy and glamorous I’m not sure if day to day wear would work too well.


This is exxxagerate which I am slightly in love with! The colour feels so pretty but unlike mulberry it doesn’t have the transfer issues or the bleeding and smudging issues! It stayed on for a long time throughout the day and I got a lot of compliments about it. It’s such a delicate colour and I almost think it’s similar to MAC heroine. I think it’s a really great colour for spring!

All in all I would completely recommend sleek lipsticks! They have beautiful, unusual and vibrant colours that can have great staying power. I find they are similar to sleeks eyeshadows in that some are completely jaw droppingly beautiful and some just don’t make the cut. I am really looking forward to trying more of their products and I will be back to buy more lipsticks!
They didn’t dry my lips out and the packaging was really lovely!
Out of exxxagerate and mulberry I would recommend exxxagerate but that is down to taste!


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