Mummy first, sick second.

I once had a nurse ask me “what will you do if your child falls over with you being sick and all?” And I looked at her right in the eye and replied “I’ll pick him up, that’s what mummy’s do.” You see it isn’t a discussion to me. Yes I’m in blinding pain most of the time, but it’s believable that a mother will lift a burning car off her child but pain will stop me? The pain I feel when I look at my child cry is priority. Simple as that. Does it make me heave and feel dizzy because of  the pain I get from lifting him? Yes. Do I pretend to smile so he feels comforted? Absolutely.

My pain manifested when I was 9 weeks pregnant, Gigi is now 3 and it’s only worse, I’ve never known a average, pain free motherhood. So I’ve adapted and we do things a little differently in my small family. I am rarely on my own with my son for more than a few hours. I need help and it’s not very fun for him to just sit on the sofa and chat. I can’t exactly get down on the floor and play Dino’s so we can be quite limited, especially if it’s a day where I can’t walk. We can’t go to the park, we can’t pop to the shops, we can’t play tag in the garden. Now I know this sounds pretty moany and that I’m saying I can’t do anything, but it’s really not. For What I’ve lost in the last 3 years of him being here I’ve gained double. Having a sick mummy has turned my boy into a extra caring, thoughtful and helpful guy. He never complains or moans and really does “get it” when I say “mummy’s legs are extra bad today”. He constantly kisses my legs and says “I’m kissing your legs better mummy” and they honestly work better than any doctor given medicine. 

For every sad point, we have a happy point. I am so very blessed. It’s taken me years to have this mind set but we really are. I’ve had a lot of help recently to try and find the light in the dark. I am naturally curmudgeonly and British, so finding happiness in a dier situation isn’t my forte for sure. Pain is only amplified by stress and a negative mood, and I need help lowering my pain level so controlling my stress has really helped me. It’s also helped me be a happier person in general. So seeing the happiness in my family, seeing how many people love and help me has been a complete eye opener.  

Watching your child grow from the sidelines can painful  sometimes, I wish I could be one of those hands on mummy’s with 2under2. One baby on my hip and on my hand but that’s not the hand that fate has dealt me. I get to see my boy grow and that’s a blessing in it self. We get to give him a stable and Loving home where he can tell us anything and we will do anything we can to help. We’ve done all we can to give him the best head start in life and when he’s older he won’t remember that mummy couldn’t chase him around soft play, he’ll remember that he was loved. I know that’s a huge concern for other mummy’s with chronic conditions. That their child will have sad memories involving hospitals, wheelchairs and mummy not joining in. But I know now that Gigi doesn’t think of me as a sick person, he thinks of me as hiS mummy and that’s the best thing in the whole world. 

I felt so much shame for the longest time at being a mummy in a chair. I felt like I was letting him down and I kept having nightmares about dropping him off at school and him being embarrassed of me. That children would bully him for having a disabled mummy and that terrified me. My husband told me something that stuck with me, he told me that as long as we raise him right he won’t care what they say, he will be proud that I’m his mummy and won’t hear what they say, so what if they say something? He knows better and that’s what matters. 

Im not saying it’s something that’s come naturally to me. Being  optimistic about it, but  adapting to what we have is what we mums are best at. How many of us can make a banquet with what’s left in the back of the fridge?and how many of us can make a song up or story right on the spot? We know how to fake it. And no matter what we have to do to get by. We are all super mums.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick review 

It was my birthday last week! Hurray! And I was treated like a queen by my wonderful husband and son and I also got so much new makeup! So much that it’s a week on and I’ve only tried half of it! I’m beyond excited as it’s been a while since I’ve been able to have a good makeup haul!

Amongst other things I received my first Kat Von d lipsticks. These arnt something you find easily in the UK. Which is hugely disappointing as I want to try all of the products! So with a little help from a very kind friend in America I was able to finally get my little mitts on some products that really make my heart pound. What draws me to the Kat Von d makeup line is several things, I love the variety in unusual colours. Colours you can’t get anywhere else. Colours that when you see someone wearing them, you know exactly what they are. That is a huge deal to me,because why would I pay for a colour I can get in several different brands? The packaging she uses is dark, different and edgy. The contrast from the sleek and girly packaging we normally experience is something that immediately draws your attention to the products. I love a bit of spooky and the names and style really float my boat. I am drawn to makeup that has heart and isn’t afraid to say no to conformity, and this line does it so well!

The delite I felt when I first held these lipsticks was immense. Even the boxes are a work of art. Black and extremely glossy with raised studded, squares. They feel smooth and the light bounces off them at different angles.  The silver Kat Von d logo is printed across the front in a beautiful way that compliments the packaging. The logos on top of the boxes are extremely cute. The actual sticker is the colour of your lipstick inside, which is amazing! You can glance at the boxes and know what you are picking. And if you are like me and need glasses but don’t always have them on when doing your face then you will really appreciate this feature!

The tubes themself are tall cylinders, they feel very weighty and nothing like average lipsticks. I’m going to be perfectly honest and admit I think they look like something Christian grey would keep in his red room. I’m not sure why that is but that’s the facts! I do love them, they are so different and quirky. They stand out amongst the standard and that’s a great thing. They are covered in pointed square studs and feel pretty amazing to hold. They have the KVD crest imprinted into the flat top of the cylinder. My only issue with the packaging is that when you go to open them it can sometimes be difficult to see the line that seperates the two pieces, and that makes it hard to see where it will open. It’s a small thing but I like to be very honest and thorough when it comes to reviews. It annoys me so it might annoy you too! The lipsticks inside do look stunning with the KVD crest stamped onto the top. It made it very hard for me to swatch them as they looked so perfect! It felt like I was destroying a little piece of art.

Nothing about these lipsticks say cheap, lazy or boring. You can tell they really thought about the product and the Kat Von d style when designing this range. From the names to the colours it just screams kvd. And I love it!

This is a show stopping colour. I’m not afraid of many lipstick shades, I love bright and dark, pastel and neon. Not much phases me, so when I saw poe with it’s unique glittery navy blue shade I pretty much fell head over heals. It is so unique I just had to have it! It reminds me of a deep night sky with twinkling stars. It’s not a colour for the faint hearted that’s for sure. I know it’s not a colour that will appeal to everyone, but I honestly think its beautiful and when I wear it I feel like a mermaid rockstar!

Because this lipstick contains glitter it does have quite a unusual texture. It’s slightly gritty and bitty but it’s not unpleasant. You can really feel the glitter and it just feels a little weird is all. If you have issues with textures that are bitty than I would probably suggest that this lipstick isn’t for you. The colour is so stunning that I feel like it’s worth putting up with the texture. It applys well and doesn’t bleed too much which is awesome when you are working with a darker shade.  Those are the shades that normally stain and they are difficult to rub out if you make a mistake. I was surprised that it doesn’t feel drying at all, in fact it feels very glossy and moisturising.

I was pleasently surprised with how long lasting this lipstick is. I applied it, had a snack and sorted out some writing and checked the mirror and it was all still intact! Even without me realising! I’ve noticed with darker shades they tend to fade very quickly, especially in the middle of my lips but this worked lovely! When it did come to remove it I was glad to see that it didn’t actually stain my lips at all. I half expected to have blue lips forever but it didn’t happen.

I want to compare this to some other shades but it’s just not possible. I thought I would be clever and compare it to MAC cyber but they are pretty much day and night! So I’m very sorry that I can’t compare it to anything, it’s just so different to anything I’ve ever owned!

This lipstick lived up to my expectations and now I’m glad I own this navy beauty!

As far as shade diversity goes coven is the complete opposite end of the spectrum from poe. Where poe is dark and bold, coven is delicate and pretty. I was stuck between these two shades and could only chose one, so the lovely friend from America sent this one too to surprise me for my birthday. It was a huge surprise and I was so touched! This colour is the sweet lilac shade I’ve dreamed of. I’ve been searching for it and this is it. If she was a girl she would be a gentle hippy with long golden hair.

This is a very dry lipstick. Some lipsticks are moisturising and some are not. This one is not. It’s not a bad thing as it is a matte lipstick so it’s expected and I have certainly felt drier formulas. When you first apply it it can be a little patchy to work with but once you get a good knack of working with it, it works out great. You’ve got to apply a few layers and  it needs to be a little thicker than you normally would. I have found that applying it with a lip brush helps massively, it can be softened on the brush or the back of your hand and that makes it awesome. It also helps to have a good lip primer beneath it and to make sure your lips are nicely exfoliated. All this being said it’s not a horrible formula, it’s better than most infact. It just has a few little challenges that you need to be a aware of. But it is a light shade and a matte one at that, so really it’s expected.

This doesn’t last as long poe, but once it’s on it does have fairly good staying power. It’s not a ground breaker but it can hold it’s own. It lasts longer on the lips than a MAC lipstick but probably less than a nars lipstick. Which in my book is good! I’m happy with that. Could it be better? Of course but it could be so much worse. When this one starts to fade it starts in the middle and you are left with a ring around your lips if you don’t touch it up quick enough.

As with poe I don’t have anything else to really compare it to colour wise. I’ve been searching for this shade for a very long time and the closest I’ve gotten is Barry Ms lilac. Which when compared are extremely different. It’s so pretty and soft, it’s very individual which is a running theme with kvd lipsticks it seems.

Overall I’m extremely happy to have my hands on these lipsticks. I wasn’t sure what to expect and what I got has made me very happy, and passionate to create new looks featuring these unique shades. As soon as I can I will be purchasing more for sure as these really have given me a hunger for new crazy and individual colours. The quality is fabulous and I will be recommending these to anyone who will listen! I’m so glad I got two shades so different not just  from eachother but from anything else I own.  They are a awesome addition to my collection!

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Quick review of the little Cornish soap company 

I’ve been away again, this is a super busy time for me and my little family. With my birthday, my toddlers birthday, Easter, a mini break to Cornwall and being unwell it’s made me have no time to blog! But one good thing to come out of these busy things is that I got to discover a brand I think I’m going to love.

So a few weeks ago my husband decided at last minute to whisk me and our toddler to Cornwall for a few nights. I jumped at the chance to see the sea and we went down to his parents caravan in st.austel. Whilst there we visited the beautiful and picturesque seaside village of mevagissy. During this visit I didn’t expect to find any thing for this blog but somehow I managed it! 

Nestled in between seaside shops and gallery’s on the windy cobbled streets I came across the Little Cornish soap company. I’m not sure if I should call this a indie company, but that’s how I see it. A indie version of lush. The quaint  and sweet interior compliment the sleepy Cornish setting and it seems to fit right in with the seaside.

As you walk in the air is filled with a variety of beautiful and dreamy scents, the displays are colourful and there is so much to look at. I was particularly taken with the giant loofahs! 

I filled up my basket extremely quickly and had a huge selection to chose from. The staff were extremely helpful and what I love the most is that they weren’t at all pushy. I never felt obligated to buy anything, which is often the case in these kinds of seaside stores. The friendliness of the staff is something that has made me want to go back again as soon we get back to Cornwall. I had the loveliest chat with the gentlemen behind the counter, he explained a little about the company, he recommended things to us, he chatted about where we were from and he made me feel comfortable. That is a great sign of a great company.  

I wanted to buy everything and their selection was exceptional. From Toners to moisturisers to bath salts to tummy rub. They had something for everyone and it’s all natural. Now the basket I filled up, became my birthday present from my husband. It’s not been my birthday yet so I cannot yet rate all of the products I bought but there was one product I tested in the store that I adored so much, my husband let me have it early.

The lavender and hemp balm is my idea of a little pot of heaven. I immediately fell in love with it. Most balms I’ve tried have been slimey but this is the most lovely and unusual texture I’ve found yet.  It starts off almost solid, you have to take a peice, it feels like solid, crumbly sand. But then magic happens. It melts instantly before your eyes! You only need a teeny tiny bit as it really does go a long long way!

The smell is so beautiful I adore it. It’s extremely relaxing and I have started  using it just before bed. The texture once it melts is beautiful, it’s not too greasy or oily, nor is it sticky or runny. It’s the perfect mix and I truly love it. I know this is a product I will without a doubt be rebuying the second I start to get low. Which won’t take long with the amount I’m using! 

I cannot reccomend this product enough, and I have a feeling this is going to be the start of my beautiful relationship for me. A knew brand that I love and I’m so excited to try out the rest of my haul and review it! And if you are down in mevagissy, I hope you take a visit to the little Cornish soap company. You won’t regret it!

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Fatigue- I’m not just  tired, I promise. 

Now I know that this isn’t a makeup post, but here’s there thing: I can’t do a makeup post because this is my life right now. This post will have taken me days. If not weeks to type up because of this disgusting illness. Its hard to explain in words how I feel. And when I try to tell my husband why it’s making me cry the words just can’t come out. My brain does not compute and nothing makes sense anymore. 

Vlogging and blogging are massively important to my life and not doing them is making me upset, so why not try to be productive? Why not explain what this stupid feeling is to people. Maybe it will help someone else explain to their family how it feels.

 I actually went searching online for a way to tell my husband what it feels like to be in my body. I couldn’t find anything. All there was were the medial explanations, I don’t want that I want real feelings. I want to make people understand how it is and help them be sympathetic. Because you see, since I’ve started to receive chronic fatigue symptoms, I’ve had a lot of people be super upsetting  and make me feel like I’m not really that bad. So here are a few things fatigue is not and things that won’t fix it:

  • It is not “being a little sleepy” I’m a mother too, I understand sleepy but this is not that. Not even close.
  • No this is not laziness. I would rather be doing chores than feeling this way.
  • No a good nights sleep will not fix this! Trust me, I’ve tried!
  • No I cannot just “snap out of it” that’s like telling someone with a broken leg to just “walk it off”
  • Thanks but I don’t think vitamins will cure this. 
  • Thanks but I don’t think oranges will cure this.
  • Thanks but I don’t think aloe with cure this.
  • Thanks but I don’t think sunshine will cure this.

I’ve had all of these this week and it’s so incredible to me that it’s something quite common, but not understood. Which is a running theme with chronic illness. People opening their mouths and trying to help when there is no way to. I used to be one of them, I never understood until I got sick at 23, and now I understand I feel guilty for all those times I probably made someone cry. So sorry, I didn’t understand or know better.

So now I’m going to try to explain a few parts of chronic fatigue. I’ll do my best but like I said before it’s hard. It’s like explaining how air feels or how water tastes. Obviously everyone feels things differently and has different symptoms. But this is what I’m experiencing :

  1. Tired eyes.  My eyes feel slow, the best way to explain it is that my eyes are smeared in Vaseline, they feel foggy and blurry. Almost like when you first wake up in the morning and you blink into the daylight to focus and clear your eyes of sleep. Except it doesn’t clear and it won’t go away with blinks or eye rolls. It sticks with you and follows you. This isn’t any run of the mill Vaseline however, it’s extra heavy. It fills all the spaces in your sockets and sets. It Makes it hard to move your eyes and makes your eyes ache from the extra weight load. 
  2. Heaviness. No I’m not talking about my waistline, I’m talking about the sensation of trying to walk through custard whilst wearing cement shoes and carrying a rugby player on your back. Everything feels extra hard. Like you’ve suddenly woke up twice the Weight that you went to sleep and the gravity has been turned up to 11, and now you are pinned to the spot. You struggle to even move your heavy arms or sit up. Everytime you move a muscle you have to think and concentrate. instead of just doing what comes naturally you have to move every individual vein, bone, muscle and molecule. It’s like being in a tug of war with the worlds strongest man and he is determined to win. 
  3. Brain fog.  So not only is your body not working well,now you can control your brain either. It feels like a dense fog is slowly making it’s way through your brain. You can’t think of simple words like “chair” or “hat” and you get a stutter that could rival vintage Gareth gates. If you are in a rush or the Information is important then the brain fog triples and you sit there, pointing and dribbling. I’ve gone from being a moderately intelligent human being  to being a village idiot. You know the words are in your mind somewhere, but you’ve walked into the room and forgot what you walked in there for. This doesn’t just apply to words either, you forget appointments, deadlines and what day it is. I have 2 calendars, 3 diaries and a husband to try to keep me in control! 
  4. Skin buggies. This one makes me crazy, my skin feels like it’s crawling. Anything that touches it sets it off and it makes me feel like the area that is touched is shivering and moving. It isn’t painful or unpleasant, it’s just kinda icky. So imagine this, you feel cold and weak and want to put on your cardigan, the feeling of the soft wool brushing agaisnt your arms should be comforting and like a cozy hug but instead turns you into oogie boogie from nightmare before Christmas.  It sends shivers up your spine and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. But this happens every single time anything touches you. It’s just icky.
  5. Massive grumps. I’m not sure if this one if just common knowledge but I thought id add it anyway, I knew it would make me grumpy but I didn’t know how much that would affect my relationships. I  have cried for no reason at all, I have cried for the stupidest reasons. For example, I cried because I put both of my legs into the same pyjama leg. It makes you hysterical, emotional and unable to reason with. My husband is a saint for not screaming at me sometimes, I have said something’s that are illogical and ridiculous.  Ive acted in ways that are completely alien to who I am. I cannot help getting angry, I cannot help getting frustrated and I cannot help getting emotional. I have no control. There is absolutely no reasoning with it. If I think I want to drink my tea out of a noodle bowl then leave me to it. Don’t try to fight it. I will have a temper tantrum to rival my own toddler. 
  6. Painful joints. You know that feeling you get when you are getting the flu and your joints ache? They feel almost bruised and Everytime you move them it makes you moan. Well that feeling sucks. Everyday I stretch and my elbows feel like they have a tight string cutting them off. My knees feel like I’ve spent the previous day running a marathon and my whole body feels ready to go straight back under the covers. A mildly painful reminder of how you are sick every time you lift your glass to your  mouth, pull your covers up or change the program on Netflix. I feel like I am sponsored by radox baths with the amount I take. 

So those are the things I could think of and find a way to describe. There are so many more things that you deal with and feel when you have fatigue. I know I don’t have every symptom, there is so much more that some people go through. But it sucks your life, it changes you who are and how you act. People who know me know I’m curmudgeonly in the most British way possible but I’m certainly not mean or spiteful. The longer I have attacks for the more unhappy and negative I become. I lash out at who I love and the people who are helping me. And that is a huge reason I wanted to do this post, it’s important for me to be able to show the people who mean most to me something that puts into words how I feel, because when that brain fog comes on I’ve got no chance. And that makes it harder to not cause bitterness. I constantly tell my family and friends when I can just how grateful I am and how much I love them. But that doesn’t help when I’m shouting at them and becoming isolated. My attacks can last weeks and that’s no fun to me or my favourite people. 

Fatigue is like a little angry troll who lives inside me. He takes my energy so he can show himself. So he can shout and scream and fight for his freedom. He will make you as weak as possible to have a chance at speaking. I am not going to let him win today. He can go back inside. 

If just one person reads this and gets a smile out of it or they think “yes! That sucks I deal with that!” Then I will be beyond chuffed. 

We have been brought together by something we didn’t ask for or want. We deal with it everyday and even though the name is the same we all have completely different experiences.  My heart breaks when I hear some of the terrible things people deal with each day and I’ve been told the same by others about my story. We can’t control what the universe throws at us, or how it kicks us when we are down, but we can all hold hands and support eachother. So if you know someone going through a rough day, hold their hand and tell them “tomorrow is another day, you can do this”.

Thank you for reading my first  chronic illness post. I hope you enjoy it, and just because it’s not makeup I hope I don’t annoy anyone. Maybe even someone will learn something or someone will use it to help their situation.

If you want to see more of my escapades I do have a Instagram and a YouTube channel which will be getting a new video this week!

I wish you all the spoons I can carry and  all the days where you can proudly say “I’m okay today”.

Happy Birthday HWAHP!

Hurray!!!! Today I have been alerted to the fact that I have had this blog for one whole year! If you know me then you know this is a huge freaking deal for me. I constantly start new projects or Hobbies and let them fade away after a month or two. I’ve got paint sets, knitting needles and poems all collecting dust in the spare room. I am a utter nightmare for it. So I am going to be honest, I’m proud of myself! 

So this blog started after I took a shining to makeup. I was learning fast and had a steadily growing collection. I tend to not mention it too much on here but I have a chronic pain condition that makes my life incredibly limited. If I leave the house it’s in a wheel chair and I get  incredibly bored and frustrated. So I started doing makeup and I found it incredibly freeing. It was something I had control over and could be who ever I wanted to be that day. My photography business just closed from getting too sick and I needed something new to occupy my time, and that’s how this blog was born.  It was meant to be a window into my life and dealing with being a mother and being sick. I never knew it would end up just makeup pretty much!

Every week I got better at it and started to understand what I was doing more and more. I was gaining confidence in my real life from it and I felt like people were looking at me as a young lady and not the chair. It was incredibly uplifting to me. I met a online community who lifted my spirits and helped me get better at makeup. They introduced me to new brands and new techniques. Behind the scenes I was getting worse with my illness. I try to practise every single day but my illness wasn’t letting me. I took a break from the blog and I missed it massively. 

I came back determined to make it a better place to be and more informative. I wanted to do very detailed posts reviewing makeup and not just say good or bad. I was feeling more determined than ever to get better so I used this new found drive to do what I wanted and be who I wanted. I started to dye my hair and get more creative. I wanted the colour. I craved it. 

And here we are one year later. I’m finally starting to actually like my looks I produce. I am making detailed reviews on products and I’m starting to get a handle on my pain. I am literally gobsmacked with the amount of followers I have today. And I have received the nicest compliments about my blog and that honestly means the world to me. I love doing it and I’m not going away!  I would love it if this time next year I see the same amount of improvement in what I do, how I write  and how my health is. 

You guys are awesome and I can’t thank you enough! I love you from the bottom of my heart! 

Bobbi brown flame and nars lana-yay or nay?


I am lucky enough to have a husband who is patient and caring. He understands that on the days where I’m feeling well I want to be out in the world as those days are few and far between. He also understands that I need new makeup to keep my makeup demons at bay. So why not combine the need to explore with the buying of makeup? So he took me to the bullring in Birmingham. It’s about a hour and a half away, which is a long way for me but I did it for makeup! We initially went straight to my favorite store, which is mac, but I was shocked and disgusted to find it filthy dirty and full of people that weren’t staff. It seemed frustrating enough but when you add a wheelchair into the mix it was pretty much impossible. So we left. I was quite annoyed as I didn’t get the bright red blush I had been aching for. So my husband told me to cheer up and try again, and I did. I ended up buying some products that were so different to my normal things. It was great! So thanks mac! You were awful which made my time awesome!

I can’t explain why I have never bought a bobbi brown product. It’s not that I don’t think they do good products, it’s more that they don’t appeal to me as much as other company’s do. Their colours have always seemed more bland to me and not my style. I love bright daring shades and they seemed to do products that were geared more towards neutral palettes. But my husband told me to look and see if anything caught my eye, maybe they had something I would love. That store was the cleanest, shiniest and most proper looking store I’ve ever been into. I felt massively out of place in my 80s dress and blue hair. Everyone was so perfect looking it was almost like being in a shiney white and black room full of perfectly dressed mannequins. Like a lot of the nicer makeup stores, they have tall counters to display their makeup, this is something that a wheelchair user can’t exactly use so I had to use my cane. I’m sure they would have brought makeup down to me but I was already feeling so alien in there I didn’t want to put anymore attention on myself. As I thought the colours weren’t for me. They weren’t exciting enough or different enough. It’s the same issue I have with Charlotte tilbury, clinique and tom ford. Why go to them when they all have variations of the same shade. Just clones of eachother. I’m sure a lot of you will disagree but that’s just how I feel when I look at their lipsticks and see rows of pinks, browns and reds. And this is coming from someone who has 8 different mlbb shades that are all a tiny bit different!

We were just about to leave when I saw it. Like a bright red beacon in a sea of  bland. It was beautiful. Their blush in flame is bright, fun and definately not understated. I had to swatch it as if it actually came out as bright as it looked then we would be in business. I was so impressed with how it swatched I basically squeeled in the store. The member of staff rang it up and I escaped out of there, feeling like I had just found the holy grail.

The blush comes in a square black, glossy box.  It is incredibly sleek looking and it has simple writing across the front that says “Bobbi Brown”. It looks great and feels expensive. Getting it out of the box it appears to me that it is much smaller in size to other blushes I have purchased. For example mac blushes weigh 6grams but bobbi browns weigh 3.7grams, that’s nearly half the product for more money. Mac blushes cost £18 compared to bobbi brown which is £19. I know a pound difference doesn’t seem much but when you think about the size difference then it becomes a big deal.  The actual blush comes in a sleek gloss black case that has a window to see the blush. It looks super expensive and I actually love how it looks on my vanity. The case can be a tiny bit stiff to open which has made me really nervous of me forcing it open and the blush flying out and smashing. I’m hoping that it will ease up over time. 

The first time I swatched this blush in that shiney shop it completely blew my mind. The pigmentation is so incredible I can’t even find the words to describe it. It is almost too pigmented. The first time I put it on my face I had to change my look from normal day wear to dramatic editorial look. It wasn’t a red blush it was red face paint. I had to learn that you need to use such a teeny tiny amount for this to work. You need to dip your brush in super  gently, blow on the brush, shake the brush and then gently try to apply! It’s crazy how bright this stuff is! I also need to mention that the fallout from this product is awful.  It isn’t the average fallout where it’s like a sprinkling of snow on Christmas Day, this is a complete blizzard. This is a disaster as it costs more, you have less product and it’s so pretty that I don’t want to waste all of that product every time I use it.  I think this is the thing I like least about this product. It is just frustrating as I think waste of products is wrong. We should never waste makeup, especially this blush. I find it is a effort to blend, it’s almost thick on the skin, and where you try to put such little product it tends to not blend out. When I did my crazy look it blended so beautifully but the shade was super bright, so it’s hard to find a middle ground with it. I really want to try a few different shades now, and this blush has really opened my eyes to how great bobbi brown products actually are. It has made me want to try all the other brands I have thought are boring. I will try to be less judgemental of brands that don’t have the colour palette I usually enjoy from now on for sure.

I am no stranger to makeup and their stores but nars is a store I’ve only been to once. The one product I have blew my socks off (Persia eyeshadow) so I knew going there was a must. My experience with nars this time was similar to last time. Exhausting. It’s not like mac which was dirty and chaotic, it’s more like a quiet, confident craziness. You have to wait to grab a space to look at the makeup, if you don’t get In there quick enough then it’s tough luck. It took me a wee while to get a space and even then I was being hustled and bustled all over the place. The staff are all young, trendy girls who make you feel like you are in school again. You are wearing a nirvana shirt and thick glasses and they are outstandingly fabulous in a miniskirt and jumper, clueless style, with a football star on their arms. They will never ever look at you. And they don’t, and you have to wave your arms and shout excuse me 40 times before one even raises a eyebrow at you. The highlight of my whole trip was as I was being rang up for my product my wonderful husband shouted “how much?” When the cost for one lipstick pinged up on the till. He’s still in shock today!

I had heard a lot of hype about their matte lip pencils and I wanted to find one that I loved, I  didn’t want to just grab and run, I wanted to really think about what I had in my collection and what would work with my skin tone. I had in my head a mixture between orange and red, that was bright and loud or a gentle peachy orange shade, the perfect colour for spring. But as I swatched those pencils, nothing appealed to me. I was getting annoyed as I knew what I wanted in  my head but couldn’t find it. That is when I found their audacious lipsticks. The colours were all bright and almost edible. I had so many to chose from and what sold me in the end was 2 things. Firstly it is the exact shade I was after, bright orange red. And secondly the name- lana. Me and my husband are huge archer fans and we spent a lot of the day from then on quoting archer. I am in the danger zone. 


I was already prepared for sleek looking packaging, I already have a nars shadow so I know the drill that it will be awesome. But I wasn’t  prepared for how awesome the packaging is. It is so much better than the shadow packaging. The lipstick comes in a black cardboard box that has a matte finish, it has nars written down the side in gloss which looks really great. The contrast just works well for me. It has double packaging, so when you take the lipstick out of it’s box it has another mini box around it. I think this is done to make sure the lipstick doesn’t rattle around but it could just be to make the packaging seem more expensive, after all they could just use smaller boxes. The lipstick is a black, metal rectangle with rounded edges. It has a matte finish that attracts finger prints like a forensic investigator. It feels weighty which is nice, and the metal case is a nice change to the usual plastic cases, which does make it feel more expensive.  The first thing I noticed when pulling it open is that there are magnets on the lid. It stops the lid from coming off when it’s not supposed to, for example in your handbag. Anyone who has reached into their handbag for a granny herbal and pulled out a hand covered in smushed purple lipstick will appreciate this feature. Rip my mac smoked purple. 

When you twist up the lipstick you are greated by the word nars etched right into the lipstick. I think this looks so great ,I almost don’t want to use it because it looks so pretty! All in all this is the favorite packaging I’ve ever encountered. It’s sleek and stylish. It’s practical and they’ve really thought about the customer. There is not one bad point for me, it looks great on my vanity and I cannot wait to have more. 

I had super high hopes for how this lipstick would preform from the packaging. I know that sounds strange but it all seemed so well put  together you would  think they want to get things perfect. When I was swatching the audacious lipsticks I had 3 or 4 orange reds to choose from, in the end I went for what worked best against my nc15 skin. I’m guilty of buying in a rush because I love the shade and not thinking it through. I love the way super loud colours look agaisnt pail skin so this one felt like me. The first time I tried it on at home I did it without using a base or lip liner. It was more a excited rough try because I couldn’t contain myself.  The formula is silky and light. It didn’t make my lips feel dry or tight. I expected without liner I would have some feathering or smudging, but the feathering was so minimal I thought about not even mentioning it. And there was some smudging  straight after I applied it but it seemed to almost set and I had no more. My husband called me down to dinner, I ate, drank several drinks,smooched him and went and checked and except for a tiny dab in the middle it was still great. This is massively impressive to me and I’ve never had a lipstick that has such great staying power. Not only did it stay on it also stayed bright and vibrant! And my husband didn’t get too much on him from smooching! It’s just awesome! They do cost £24 each which is a lot compared to what I usually pay, for example mac is £16 But they do feel worth that amount, they feel so much more extravagant. When I removed it I did get a lot of staining, which meant I had to use a red the next day but it wasn’t too awful, I’m sure the lighter colours won’t do this. I’m desperate to try another shade but I feel like if I ask my husband for one of them he might have a heart attack! So I will wait a while!

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MAC toledo lipsticks 

So when I saw the MAC toledo line I got super excited. I’ve been a little put off with MACs limited lines lately, mainly the way we have to frantically scramble to get hold of them. The amount they put out you would think they were exclusive concert tickets not lipsticks. So with memories of the rocky horror, Simpsons and osbourne lines fresh in my mind I didn’t give much hope of getting anything from this lovely line. But the products looked so great I decided I would try. I loved how much better the packaging looked and the colours were so different to their normal range. You see I think a lot of their limited range is just too similar to fight for. Why get in a tizzy over missing a limited product you can buy a similar shade to normally? And I’ve found their limited packaging to be a little uninspired as of late. But this range is super quirky and cool. 

In the uk we don’t get the limited ranges in stores usually, and we also get such a tiny little supply that it’s actually frustrating. I’ve never gotten something from a limited line. So when I saw the pretty and wacky looking line I had to try, when the date came around I was vigilant. And then all of a sudden it was there. My heart raced and I tried to go as fast as I could. My first stop was the peach blush, which turned out to be £25 and I couldn’t help but think it was too much. So I jumped over to the lipsticks and basically catapulted the barbecue lipstick into my virtual basket. Then I saw oxblood was still in stock, this is the shade people had been going bananas for. It would be rude not to right!? So I ended up nabbing both barbecue and oxblood. That was my budget and I was happy!

So Even though I paid for next day delivery MAC took just shy of a week to deliver my lipsticks, they arnt particularly bothered. It’s one of many reasons why I’ve been falling out of love with MAC lately. I’m the biggest MAC fan girl and I’m super bummed that they arnt impressing me lately. Between the bad service, the limited amount of products and their store being disgusting last week it’s really taken a toll on my love. But anyway they have arrived and I’m pumped.

On first impressions this packaging is outstanding. It’s super sleek and cool, it looks so different and pretty. It certainly is stylish. The box is white with black eyes and noses with red lips, and of course the mac toledo signature. Faces dance all over the box at different angles and if you stack the boxes it makes even more. It is very striking. The box is double packaging and a smaller box slides out from the outside sleeve. The inner box is pure white with the red toledo signature. Inside the inner box is a black and white pattern that would make a awesome feature wallpaper! 

The lipsticks inside are white with a black and red artsy face on the lower part, and the mac toledo signature on the lid. They are just great, really eye catching and so different to anything they’ve put out. I have to say from the way the packaging looks I think this may be my favourite ever limited set. These lipsticks aren’t the usual hard plastic though, they have a almost rubbery velvet finish to them. I have since decided this was a bad move on their part. The white packaging with the rubber finish attracts stains, marks and scratches. I have used them once and they are already filthy looking! I don’t think they will be staying pretty and white for very long. 

Barbecue is a shade that instantly made me drool. It’s a bright red that leans more toward orange.  I saw a lot of actresses on the red carpet of the oscars this year rocking this kind of shade and I needed it. So when this colour popped up I needed it! With a name like barbecue I imagined a dark brown barbecue sauce shade, so  this sort of messes with my brain! Like when you go to drink your cup of tea and it’s actually your toddlers orange juice and it hurts your brain! But  regardless of the name it really is a stunning colour. It’s a great summer shade and it is going to be used massively during the sunny months. It reminds me of if ruby woo and morange had a love child. It’s juicy, bright and fun. 

Wen I applied it I was surprised with how slippery it is, it’s a more watery consistency than normal which meant it bled a lot and smudged like hell. It didn’t stay put on my lips badly bit it wasn’t a record time either. It isn’t patchy on and the colour really is as bright as I dreamed. Over all I’m glad I spent my pennies on this shade, but it isn’t the best formula I’ve had.

The second shade oxblood is completely different to barbecue. It’s a pretty neutral with a matt finish. Now this is the shade I’ve been seeing all over the forums and blogs. People have fallen pretty hard for this shade.  I didn’t really see what the big deal was and had so many similar that it wasn’t something I was dying to get. But when I saw it there on the site I just had see why everyone is so excited.  I heard a lot of chatter about it being the exact same shade as kinda sexy and that there was no reason to get it, but it was a spur of the moment purchase so I thought it would be a good chance to test it against kinda sexy and see how similar it actually is. It is very similar, I can see why it’s been compared but it is certainly not a dupe. Infact I’m shocked about some of the swatches I saw where they were the same, I think maybe they were playing into the hype or something as they really do look different. Oxblood is a lot cooler and more orange than kinda sexy. The formula is also very different, I love kinda sexy and it applies brilliantly and looks awesome but oxblood is horrid. It’s super patchy, it just doesn’t apply nicely at all. It’s super drying and honestly I wasn’t sure how long I could wear it with how drying it was. I’ve not had a chance to try it over a really good primer base but on first try impressions it’s a real horrible formula. It doesn’t bleed like barbecue but it feels very alien on my lips. The colour  is really pretty and I do think it was worth the excitement it’s just massively hard to work with. I will try to use it again though as it really is pretty!

I would love to try the other shades from the toledo set but I doubt that will happen now, especially with the limited amount we get here. If I even get the chance though I will jump at it, mostly for the packaging but also I’m just curious. I want to see if all of the toledo lipsticks have formula issues, it’s almost like they concentrated so hard on getting the packaging perfect, and making sure the colours were different that they rushed or neglected the formula. In all I found that part extremely disappointing. I really do want to love them but I’m not there yet.

Maybe if I work out a good base to wear them over they might work better, but that shouldn’t be something I should have to do. You pay for quality and this time I think I paid for something that will look pretty on my vanity and not my lips. 

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Konjac sponges- good or bad?


A few weeks ago I saw blog where someone reviewed a heart shaped Konjac sponge. Now let me start off by saying I had no clue what that was and the fact that it was a heart was why it caught my eye. I’m pretty much a magpie for such girly things. So I clicked on the blog and read the review, they talked about how their skin was luminous and felt so soft. It really piqued my interest as I was due to run out of my current face cleanser and I’m always open to trying new things so I thought “why not?”

I went onto Amazon and the first thing I noticed was how many different choices there were. Different shapes and sizes. Different colours and different scents. It took me a while to read through all of the descriptions and see what was best for my type of skin. I have combination skin which is fairly good. I have a few dryer or oilier patches but nothing crazy. I do have bad pores and black heads though so I decided to go for the one that tackled those. That was the lavender one, it promised to help minimise pores and reduce blackheads whilst fighting off dirt. It also boasts that it will neutralise your skin ph.

They were around £5 each or 2 for £7.50 and the deal seeker in me grabbed 2. I was so excited to try these and I was a little worried they wouldn’t be as good as I hoped. After all it’s only a sponge right? How can that make THAT big of a difference to my skin?


So it arrived and it was almost flat packed Into it’s little packaging. It felt hard and scratchy like a loofa. I was pretty skeptical how this crunchy ball would help my problem areas but I tried to keep a open mind.
The instructions tell you to soak it in warm water for around 5 minutes. After that it was big and squishy. It felt more like I expected for sure. It was super soft and had tiny little holes. You are supposed to ring it out and then rub in small circles over your skin. It feels so bloody lovely! Honestly I can’t explain how rubbing a sponge over your face can feel relaxing and nice but it does! I actually look forward to that part of my cleansing routine because of it!
You can feel it gently exfoliating and it has made my lips a little sore as I didn’t think about what it was doing to them, so now I tend to keep them out of the way whilst I cleanse. They only need to be done every few days to have a good effect.

After you have finished using your sponge it tells you to rinse, ring and hand up somewhere warm and dry. The sponge does has a little string to hang it up attached. Then it will dry out and you will need to soak it again when you next use it.


Now for the part where I have to be honest with the results. It’s so freaking awesome! Like seriously amazing. I cannot express how much difference it’s made to my skin in such a short amount of time! My dry and oily patches are now a thing of the past! My pores and black heads are heading out of the door! My marks and blemishes are outta here!
It’s remarkable! I didn’t think a sponge would exfoliate, buff, remove marks and be natural! I’m hooked! I want to try one with clay as they seem great. They lather up and clean your face!

So I would without a doubt completely recommend this sponge! It’s made me super happy and I want to shout it from the rooftop!

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Not so quick lipstick review.

This is a strange one, I intended on it being a quick lipstick review but I honestly have too much to say about it so I’m going to make it a full review!

So I’ve been massively unwell recently. Living with my condition I’m often sick but this has been a particularly awful run. My husband is a sweetheart and yesterday a surprise he ordered arrived!
He ordered me MAC sheen supreme lipstick in Asian flower, I’ve been eyeing this shade for a while now and when It arrived I was pumped and impressed that he listens when I jabber on about makeup.

I’ve never tried a sheen supreme lipstick before, I thought it was just going to be a little bit more moisturising than their standard lipsticks.

When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised at how different the tube looked. It’s tall and thin and made of metal, it feels quite weighty which is nice and it has the standard black finish. It’s nice to have something a little different from the standard bullet shape, it makes it feel like it’s more than just the normal. It does cost a little more than their normal lipsticks so it’s nice that the outer does feel more expensive.
When you take off the lid the lipstick inside is flat, similar to how urban decays lipsticks are. I actually like this style as I find they apply so nicely to the cupids bow!


When I first mentioned this shade to my husband it was because I was looking for a lavender colour, they describe this as a lavender cream shade and all of the swatches online looked like exactly what I wanted. I applied it and the shade was not what I hoped. Don’t get me wrong I adore it to pieces, it’s stunning! But it’s not lavender I find it’s more pink. Compared to Too faced melted fuchsia it’s practically a rose pink!

The first thing i noticed when I applied it was how beautiful the formula was. It’s silky, smooth and soft. It is a very buildable formula, you can apply a small amount for it to almost look like a tinted gloss and add a few layers for it to be a opaque colour. It feels like if a lipstick and a lipgloss had a baby. It is incredible! It’s so light I cannot wait for the summer, no sticky or heavy lipsticks anymore! And no more slimey or tacky lipgloss! I’ve got my sheen supreme!


These cost £16.50 here which I believe is around $25 but they may cost less over in the states. And there are 8 beautiful shades to choose from! I know I’m going to be collecting them all as they are so stunning! I’ve already told my husband that with Mother’s Day fast approaching he needs to get his order in!

So I would completely reccomend this product! It’s pretty much pushed aside all of my other lip products and demanded to be number one. I adore it!


As always I hope everyone has a fantastic week and if you want to check out my looks my instagram name is @hippiewithahipproblem

Quick lipstick review

Happy Valentines Day!
Today I was very lucky and my husband ordered me the MAC viva glam Miley Cyrus lipstick and payed for special delivery so I could get it in time for valentines day! He really is a sweetie!
I’m going to be very honest when I first saw this lipstick in the ads I wasn’t impressed. I thought it looked like candy yumyum and I had no need for it In my collection. Then it got released in America and the swatches I saw held my interest. I do adore bright pinks so I thought at least I can love it even if it is a little similar.
Well today it arrived. The packaging is sweet, it’s the the famous black mac packaging with a red shiny Miley signature on it. It does look valentinesy so I was happy! Out of the box it’s just a black bullet lipstick with a red ring around the middle, but once you pull it apart it has a red shiny centre with a Miley signature on it. Almost like it’s a cute surprise candy core.
I applied it so quickly as I was so pumped and I fell in love hard and instantly. I did think it was maybe similar to toying around from the playland collection but after I did some swatches it appears that toying around is much more coral and Kelly and candy yumyum are so much cooler. This is a warm, rich berry pink .
It’s a all season shade which I think will get so much use! I cannot wait to do lots of looks with it!
It is very moisturising and looks quite wet on. I wore it for 2 and a Half hours and it didn’t fade at all until my husband wanted a valentines he has a pink beard 🙂

So I would completely recommend this shade. It’s stunning and I think most skin tones will be able to rock it! It’s a classic in the making!